2.0.5 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide Release Notes



  • Admins Clocking Users Out on the Shift Detail page now see Shift Statuses switch to Completed if the final Clock Out is made after the end of the Scheduled Shift date/times
  • Make Patrol Work Order Detail Pages more contextual by creating links to associated Businesses, Groups, and Locations
  • Create Shifts Form now no longer assumes the current day as a page load selection
  • Admins may now Abort En Route, In Progress, & Reporting Tours from the Patrolguide Schedule. This is useful for when Patrolguide crashes during the Patrol Process for whatever reason, and a User's session doesn't correctly pick up where it left off. Now, instead of being unable to finish the Tour and unable to start it over from the Choose Location Step, Admins can Abort it and release it back to the pool of workable Tours
  • Editable Titles & Captions now available for existing Premises Pictures in Patrol Work Order Add/Edit Step 4
  • Additional Recipients selector on Client Reports Bulk Email now features Active Clients, Managers, and all other Active Users, grouped accordingly and identifiable via their login email address
  • Added more descriptive List Item Archive confirmation dialogs for Businesses, Locations, & Groups Lists. TODO: Add to all Archivable methods for these Accounts
  • Context menu drop down now features Number & Territory Name

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Quick Add and Full Shifts Add Form to follow the Pay Rate Suggestions as outlined here: https://lyconic.zendesk.com/entries/25243238-Shift-Pay-Rate-Suggestions
  • Fixed Tour Schedules Duplication problem in migrations
  • Fixed bug that wiped out Client Location affiliations (Location Rights) for Clients with Authorizations to more than one market for every market but the one that was being modified
  • Fixed problem on Client Reports List where attempting to Delete the Report via the List Item 'no' icon caused a redirect instead
  • Allow the Locations List Bulk Action Queue drop down to slide right and be accessible if sidebar uses the total height of the screen on a smaller monitor
  • Fixed Emergency Contact migrations to append converted Contacts to Patrol Work Orders correctly
  • Fixed Cancel Shift JS exception via 'no' icon on Agenda List Items
  • Fixed Client User migration to correctly assign Location affiliations across multiple market authorizations
  • Fixed IE8 reserved word bug
  • Fixed IE8 typeintent filter bug

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