2.0.6 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide Release Notes



  • Added ability to search by specific markets on the context menu drop down. Quickly search by number or market name when authorized for more than 6 markets
  • Added link to Password Reset knowledge base article on Reset Password by Email Form
  • Added "view reports" link for each item on Recent Patrol Activity Dashboard Widget
  • Added double booking warning for Admins creating Shifts via the Quick Add or Full Shift Add Form
  • Added more explicit Archive warnings for Businesses, Locations, and Groups. They now apply to all Archive methods across the Lists and Forms
  • Added Time Punch deletion warning/confirmation for Shifts whose Start/End Days/Times are modified after Punches have been entered

Bug Fixes

  • Setting List filters first and then searching now preserves filter settings
  • Fix bug that caused inappropriate Client Reports to appear when filtering the List by specific Locations. The affected reports were written for Shifts created for Groups
  • Fix totals and paging bug when filtering the Client Reports by Location
  • Users, Locations, Tours, Reports, Groups, Businesses, Shifts, Messages counter cache fixes
  • Render line breaks on Work Orders Note and Special Instructions
  • Render line breaks on Client Reports Details
  • Enforce four digit 24hour time values on the URL
  • Multiple migrations fixes for Contacts and Users
  • Fix empty billable rate exception while Editing Patrol Work Orders
  • Fix a bug affecting auto-selection of opted-in Clients on the Client Reports Bulk Email Form
  • Fix report generation bug that prevented Billing & Payroll reports from rendering after users update to Firefox 24

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