2.1.0 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide Release Notes


New Features

  • Modal Window for quickly Viewing and Editing Client Reports in place while scrolling through the List. Complete with keyboard navigation (right and left arrows to navigate up and down in the List, that is to preserve the up and down arrows for scrolling)
  • Locale/User Pay Rate Bulk Edit auto-fill buttons. These will appear depending on Locale/User selections if the Pay Rate field on the Bulk Edit Form is unlocked. Added Confirmation on SAVE. Feature fulfills Proposal 2013-001


  • Add External delivery to Contact Management feature
  • Added formatting to Shift and Scheduled Analysis formatting that restricts durations to two significant digits
  • Added Note paragraph formatting to Shift, Location, and Group Detail pages to properly reflect newline characters in the saved data

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in a dependency that caused the Billing & Payroll reports to become inoperable in Firefox 24
  • Fixed bug in Mail that caused non-safe characters in legitimate email address to cause exceptions
  • Fixed PayrollReport Worker exception
  • Fixed errors surrounding the Daylight Savings Time (DTS) boundaries on the Schedule, Quick Add, and Full Shift Add/Edit Form
  • Fixed Client Reports CSV Export to feature Local Time instead of UTC
  • Fixed concurrency problem in Singularity and reenabled auto session detection and login to both Patrolguide & Inteliguide

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