2.1.1 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide


New Features

  • Client Report Read Receipts and Read/Unread badges per User
  • Mobile app suggestion banner. Activates when Users view the Shift Dash from their iOS or Android browsers
  • Closable maintenance top banner warning that maintains close state per User per browser
  • Internal logging of Accounts and other important CRUD areas of the application bring visibility to when items are created, archived, unarchived, and updated, and by whom
  • Edited Shifts now send out an updated notification to the Scheduled User


  • Added confirmation that existing Time Punches will be wiped out if the Lunch duration is modified on a Shift after Time Punches have been created
  • Added helpful tool tips for Patrol Work Orders
  • Added Note field to Locations and Groups
  • Added Unread badges to Inbox to correspond with those in Client Reports
  • Added required validation of selected Role on the User Add/Edit form. Admins must now manually select a Role when Adding Users, this prevents "Admin" from being accidentally assigned due to it being the default
  • Full Contact info is now displayed on Patrol Work Order Add/Edit forms

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed another DST (Daylight Savings Time) bug on the Schedule that caused Shifts to render on the wrong day
  • Fixed a dependency date formatting bug that rendered some dates a month in the future
  • Fixed several Payroll Report Time Punch edge cases surrounding payroll week boundaries
  • Fixed the Detailed Payrol Total Hrs value to reflect totals regardless of toggle states, using Reg Hrs to reflect those modifications (as in legacy)

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