2.1.2 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide


New Features

  • NightEye, a dark theme for night patrolling (see tutorial below)
  • Edit/Bulk Edit Protected Users directly from the User List
  • Login Redirect, redirects users to the requested page after a successful login


  • Added full Contact info to Patrol Work Order Details
  • Expanded scope of selectable Contacts while Adding/Editing Patrol Work Orders
  • Added an unselected state with validation to Locations in the Edit Patrol Work Order Form
  • Payroll reminders now go to external email as well as internal Inboxes
  • Added visual session updater to Inteliguide & Patrolguide login forms

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dashboard Shift Widget Report button redirect link
  • Various Dependency updates to fix breaking changes in newer browser versions in Firefox and Chrome
  • Fixed bug preventing franchise Businesses from being edited
  • Fixed notifications to prevent Shift notifications from going out to Archived Users that still belonged to Shifts into the future
  • Fixed a bug that caused too many shift update reminders to be sent out
  • Lock Patrol Work Orders jobs so the same Work Order cannot be processed simultaneously
  • Fixed Delete Bulk Action in Message History
  • Fixed login redirect bug that occurred when a User's password expired and they also had not signed the application Disclaimer

NightEye Tutorial

Click the NightEye toggle to enable the dark theme.



To get back to the original theme, simply click the NightEye toggle once again.

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    Daniel Brown

    The one major issue we have experienced in the field is that when clicking on a button to perform an action the page temporarily renders in the old, bright style, flashing white before converting back to the night eye settings. This is extremely distracting in the field, so much to the point that it is more effective to run the original version with the screen brightness turned down. 

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    Aron Filbert

    Thanks for the feedback, Dan. That's the first we've heard of the issue. Different browsers have different rendering priorities, so it may be the one you're using is rendering the original theme before the dark theme assets are loaded. Or it may be a combination of that and a slower data connection. We'll look into it for sure and let you know when we push a fix.

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    Aron Filbert

    The flashing white issue has been resolved for any connection speed. Just got done testing on 3G data. Thanks again for the heads up, Dan.

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