2.2.0 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide


New Features


  • Moved Messages out of process and into builders for better performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Profile so External Links feature links for all Authorized Markets
  • Fixed Patrol Work Order Builder bugs that caused duplication of some Tour Schedules and deletion of others on date boundaries
  • Fixed login redirect bug
  • Fixed counters issues
  • Fixed Bulk Delete for Messages History
  • Fixed duplicate SEND issue on Compose Message Form
  • Removed Contact for Authorized Businesses
  • Minor bug fixes for Patrolguide's NightEye

New Documentation (articles require login)

Coming Soon! (short list)

  • Paid holiday calculations in payroll
  • Personal preferences to manage shift notifications
  • Late/Missed Time Punches notifications

Dedicated Work Orders

Dedicated Work Orders have been one of the most anticipated feature additions to Inteliguide, and we're excited to announce they're finally available in V2.

What to expect

Similarly to Patrol Work Orders, Dedicated Work Orders describe the work defined by a contract. Only, instead of Tours for Patrols, it provides an auto-generating model of Dedicated Shift work.

The generated Shifts still require Users to Commit to or be Scheduled for them.

What are the benefits?

  • Automates building Dedicated Shifts
  • Simplifies Billing
    • Integrate between Patrol and Dedicated work, including Billable Alarms (Coming very soon!)
    • Bill from one source, no more pdfs or hard copies to try and reconcile with work in Inteliguide (Coming very soon!)
    • Visible to both Corporate and Franchise Users
    • Keeps everyone accountable, fewer critical details get miscommunicated or lost in translation
  • Brings more accuracy and transparency to your operations
    • Reduces potentially costly mistakes associated with repeated manual entry
    • Provides basis for performance and fulfillment comparisons

What to look out for (READ THIS)

Ah yes, here are the caveats, gotchas, and other things that might blindside you. Please be aware of how Editing an existing Dedicated Work Order might affect your Scheduling work done on future Shifts.

  • Since Dedicated Work Orders only apply to Shifts created for a Location, you can't use them to build your Patrol Shifts just yet (Coming soon!)
  • Bill Rates on generated Shifts will reflect 0.00 since all Billing will originate from the Work Order (Coming very soon!)
  • Editing Dedicated Work Orders by changing the following criteria will result in destructive regeneration of Shifts into the future (confirmation required):
    • Adding/Removing any Days in a Set
    • Changing the quantity of Shifts (from 3 to 1, for example)
    • Changing the Scheduled Start/End Times of the Set Shifts
  • Editing Dedicated Work Orders by dropping whole Sets (Shift Schedules, like Weekdays or Weekends) will result in deletion of the associated generated Shifts into the future (confirmation NOT required)
  • Modifying the Start/End Dates for the Contract may result in deletion of the generated Shifts into the future (confirmation required)
  • Modifying the following will result in those attributes refreshing (confirmation NOT required):
    • Location
    • Note
    • Codes/Dispos/Instructions
    • Status
    • Team
    • Any/All Options
      • Lunch
      • Non-Billable Lunch
      • Non-Billable
      • No Wait
  • Yes, adding Emergency Contacts will definitely expose them to Users of any Role working those generated Shifts. The Contacts will appear on the Shift Detail pages

We want to avoid Shift duplications and other surprises that would result from the Work Order Editor continually preserving modified Shifts into the future. That became unmanageable very quickly in our testing.

We reason that if anything significant changes in the Scheduling days or durations into the future, then associated staff should be "plugged in" again after the Dedicated Work Order regenerates future Shifts.

To more seamlessly preserve generated Shifts that you might have filled (i.e plugged Users into) in the future, use the Agenda and the Bulk Edit Action for more immediate precision editing before making the change permanent in your Work Order. That way you reflect immediate changes using the Shift Editing tools previously available to you, and as you work through those already filled Shifts… then make your lasting change to the Work Order. Using that method, most changes can be handled while preserving Commitments or Scheduled Users into the future. Filling your Shifts a few days to a week at a time on the generated Pending/Available Shifts will help keep any surprises to a minimum.

Click here for a handy edit "danger zone" guide!

Future Enhancements

  • Post Orders that tie your Documents to individual Work Orders
  • Premises Pics
  • Corporate Review and Approval
  • Visible Change Logging
  • Dedicated Work Orders for Groups
  • Print & CSV Export Bulk Actions

Dedicated Work Order Form

Customizable Site Managers (linked articles require login)

Site Managers is another widely requested feature that will help owners and administrators delegate important management tasks without giving away too much control of their market and Inteliguide Accounts.

What are the benefits?

Admins can now give their managerial staff limited but customizable domain over schedule management tasks. Define a pool of Locations that a Site Manager can manage, and increase their abilities over time as they prove themselves reliable, effective, and trustworthy.

What to be aware of

  • Site Managers have fairly broad capabilities depending on the Abilities granted them
  • Core to what a Site Manager can accomplish is full Adding/Editing of Shifts for a defined set of Locations
  • Abilities expand to allow closer management responsibilities for those that can handle it
  • Currently Add/Edit/View are not tied to any specific timeline; the last two Payroll cycles, for example. If granted a pool of Locations, Site Managers can Add and Edit against them for any day/week/month
  • Adding/Editing of Shifts go hand in hand
  • If a Site Manager doesn't have Edit Abilities for Bill/Pay Rates, then the Add/Edit Shifts Form and Bulk Edit Forms will be modified accordingly to either disable those fields or hide them entirely. Site Managers without View/Edit Abilities for Bill/Pay Rates can expect Rates to be applied while Adding/Editing Shifts, similar to how they are on the Quick Add Form or when a User Commits to a Shift. The rates are determined according to these rules.

Future Enhancements

  • Split up the Adding/Editing of Shifts for specific Location Pools into separate Abilities
  • Define time-based restrictions for Shift Editing, Punch Adjustments, and Payroll Periods
  • Enhanced Notification preferences for Location Pools
  • More as we receive feedback!

Site Managers

The Site Managers Role can be described in three parts:

  • Base Role
  • Location Pool
  • Abilities

Base Role

We modeled the most basic Site Manager off of the Restricted Auditor Role. They have very similar access to discrete sections of the application, and permissions and abilities. But, as mentioned above, a very big exception is that Site Managers can Add and Edit Shifts for their given Location Pool.

Location Pool

While Adding a Site Manager, or converting an existing User to the Site Manager Role, you can select how many Locations they can manage. This is similar to defining Location Rights for Client Users

  • Locations (at least 1 required)


  • View Pay/Bill Rates
  • Edit Pay/Bill Rates (auto-checks View Pay/Bill Rates)
  • Adjust Punches
  • View Accounts
  • View Payroll (auto-checks View Pay/Bill Rates)
  • Bulk Edit

The View/Edit Pay/Bill Rates checkboxes will determine if those Rates are seen on Shift popups, the Agenda List, Shift and Bulk Edit Forms, Shift Detail pages, and Account Shift Defaults. View Accounts only allows Site Managers to view NOT Edit Businesses, Groups, and Users. Site Managers can additionally Edit the Locations in their Location Pool from those respective Location Detail pages if granted the View Accounts Ability. The rest of the Abilities are pretty straightforward.

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