2.2.2 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide


New Features


  • Dedicated Work Orders Shift Builder implementation
  • Search Highlighting on Client Reports List and Detail Popups
  • Patrolguide Dispatch Note
  • Patrolguide HUD enhancement
  • Patrolguide Search Locations
  • Patrolguide Client/Internal Instructions aggregation now appear on Billable Alarms
  • SMS recipients for Late/No-Show Alerts
  • Shift Reminders react appropriately to changing circumstances (canceling Shifts, rescheduling, etc.)
  • Added HTML support to maintenance messages
  • More intelligent Status changing based on Admin Time Punching (if they Clock In a User, it now changes the Status to In Progress - this preserves the behavior where it changes the Status to Completed upon Clock Out)
  • Added Scheduled, In Progress, Completed filter to Shift Hours to make it easier to calculate true payable hours
  • Persistant Login Log
  • Made Shift Notification Settings more user friendly
  • Mobile browser location services API integration will log accurate long/lat for web app Time Punches (IP location resolution may prove to be too inaccurate, and location information is discarded)

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Notifications server upgrade
  • Logs server upgrade
  • Application servers upgrade
  • Deployment upgrades

Bug Fixes

  • Archived Authorizations now no longer prompt login links on User Profile
  • Fixed Tour Schedule Builder update bug
  • Fixed Client Reports permissions for Auditor and Site Manager Roles
  • DST fixes for Shift Add and Payroll
  • Fixed the Shift ID link for individual filters on Shift Hours, it was directing to the wrong controller

Updated Documentation (articles require login)

Coming Soon! (short list)

  • Client Report Categories and List Filters
  • Client Report customizable email alert automation
  • Client Dashboard
  • Paid holiday calculations in payroll (done, being tested more thoroughly)
  • Began work on New Billing, revised the spec slightly after receiving some good feedback
  • Still working with our mobile developers on a new version of our mobile app

Interactive Google Maps!

We've added interactive maps to just about any detail page that has anything to do with a Location or Group of Locations.

  • Businesses
  • Locations
  • Groups
  • Shift Details
  • Work Orders

Detail pages for all of these now feature interactive Google Maps. The most important map interactions now happen on Shift Detail pages. The map there will feature markers for one or more Locations (depending on if the Shift in question was created for just one Location or a Group of Locations), along with stylized markers for any Time Punch featuring location data.

To make this even more useful for accountability and Time & Attendance tracking, we've added native mobile browser locations services support through our web application. That means that if there's an accurate enough location fix when officers make a Time Punch (based on good GPS signal, and not IP address block approximations) the web app will geocode the time punch! This is in addition to the (arguably) more accurate location services through the native mobile apps.


Clicking/tapping on the markers will give you detail for Time Punches or address information. The small circles represent Time Punches (green for clock/lunch in, and red for clock/lunch out), and the Location markers that we're all so familiar with on google maps represents the Location(s) covered by the Shift.

Clicking/tapping on the '(map)' link in the Locations Collections will find the relevant Location marker on the map and will open the information popup as though you had clicked/tapped on it directly. This is helpful for when separate location markers are very close to each other depending on your map zoom level.

Map with Time Punches Example

You can see in the example that a Clock In Time Punch was made from a car on approach to a Location.

Dedicated Work Order (DWO) Enhancements

As promised, we've rounded out the Dedicated Work Order feature set with the following:


You can now create Shift Schedules for Groups! Simply select the Group you want the DWO to generate Shifts for and away you go!

Post Orders

Assign Documents to your Dedicated Work Orders and feature them for every generated Shift. New Dash & Shift Details Widgets allow quick access, and the new Document Read Receipts allow managers to monitor who's downloading and viewing what.

Post Orders on Dashboard

Post Orders on Shift Detail

Premises Pics

Add Premises Pictures to your Shifts now in addition to your Tours! Assign pictures to your Shifts through Dedicated Work Orders and help bring even more critical detail to your working officers.

Premises Pics Form Upload Example

Separate Premises Pics Example on Shift Detail

Full Dedicated Work Order Form Example

Pass-Along Log

Civilians & Cop officers can now view (but NOT Edit) Reports created for whatever Locations they're actively working or scheduled to work within the next 30 days. This is helpful in disseminating critical location-based information that can help assist in ongoing security operations on a location-by-location basis.

Now officers can easily search and filter for specific, clearly marked pass-along reports.

Pass Along Log Example

All New Printable Schedules

One of the more requested features we've received over the last few months of V2 support has been for a Printable Schedule. Well, they're here!

They preserve the Key filter toggles, and will print all Shifts; even those below the 'view more' link.

Look for the 'printer' icon in the top left corner of the Schedule.

Document Read Receipts & New Detail View

Given that we wanted to make Post Orders for Dedicated Work Orders much more accountable, we knew we had to add Read Receipts to Document Downloads. So, we did!

We added a new Document Detail page where you can view Document Views.

Public Client Reports API

It's exciting for us to finally release this. It's a read-only (for now) publicly accessible API to Client Reports (application programming interface). This will allow clients to programmatically consume reports. Larger, national clients, often have developers that would like to integrate some process or data stream or another into their development work-flow. Our public API will allow them to accomplish that more efficiently.

We'll be adding to this continually as needs require.

To use the API, you must request an API Key from us along with all Locations that Reports should be made accessible for. Here's preliminary documentation: http://lyconic.github.io/public-api/getting_started/

Double Booking Flexibility Settings

Now managers can override the default double booking restriction behavior that occurs whenever a Civilian or Cop officer tries to schedule conflicting or back-to-back Shift Commitments.

Look for the new settings under Manage->Settings->Users:

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