Inteliguide Messaging Changes

Most major email providers are now more strictly enforcing DMARC policies on emails sent to their systems. This is a new anti-spam measure intended to verify the authenticity of senders, by blocking anything coming from a server that is not affiliated with the email domain. For instance: a message sent to a Yahoo server containing a email in the From field that was not sent by a Yahoo server will be blocked.

This has been a policy for a time for,, and, but it's been a softer policy and wasn't landing us on block lists until just recently. Last week joined the other major providers in implementing DMARC validation policies, causing us to get many complaints about employees and clients not receiving messages and/or reports through to their external email inboxes.

After reviewing our bounce and drop lists, we realized that there was an overwhelming wave of blacklisted recipients due to DMARC violations starting late last week. We knew then that every major provider was starting to enforce the policies, so we were forced to make code changes to comply with DMARC validation. 

Now, every sending method is from the email address that we've been asking everyone to add to their contacts and safe-senders lists. However, any email that is initiated by you in the system will have your email address in the Reply-To field, so that anybody who replies to those emails will be replying to your email address as if it were in the From field.

Finally, we've modified things so that any email initiated by you will feature your name followed by 'via Inteliguide.' For example: "Adam Lassek via Inteliguide"

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