DNS Resolution Issues Dec 22nd 2014

We're observing a DNS issue at various locations across the globe. While our servers are 100% operational, some DNS servers are unable to resolve our URL https://signal88.inteliguide.net to an IP address. This is a problem that is out of our control, and is likely due to a failure of one or more third-party DNS servers, or the internet pipe connecting those servers.

We're in contact with our hosting partners and will be updating you as to the status of this event as we get more information.

1256 CST hosting partner confirmed that the DNS issue should be resolved as of this time

Please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket if you're still unable to resolve our Inteliguide & Patrolguide services.

1204 CST hosting partner working on restoring full DNS resolution to our servers

UPDATE: It appears this resolution issue is the result of a distributed denial of service attack that began late last night around 2330 hours. It is just recently impacting some legitimate traffic to our services. Our hosting partner is working to mitigate any interruptions caused by their countermeasures.

1140 CST continuous uptime for this morning and zero errors:



1135 CST DNS resolution issues observed across the globe:

dns issues around the globe

1115 CST our hosting provider updated their main monitoring as to the effects of a DDoS attack in progress and their countermeasures affecting DNS connectivity to our IP addresses:




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