I can't log in, what do I do?

Steps to Take

Whether troubleshooting login issues for yourself, a client, or an employee, here are some good rules of thumb:

  1. Make sure the Account is active and the email being used to attempt a log in is the Inteliguide Login Email. Admin Users can check this by going to Manage -> Accounts -> Users, search for the User Account in question and click on the Name or the 'eye' icon to reveal the User Details page. From here, you can tell if the Account is Archived or Expired as well as verify the Login Email has been entered into Inteliguide correctly. Accounts are auto-archived a short time after they officially expire. Expiration dates can be set on the User Accounts themselves on the create or edit form.
  2. Reset the Password. If the email address entered on the reset password form prompt corresponds to an active Inteliguide User Account, a new password reset email will be sent out to that email address. Otherwise, no email will be sent. For new Users, Admins can choose to resent the Welcome Email that gets sent out when saving new Accounts. This can be accomplished by going to Manage -> Accounts -> Users, select the User Account in the list by clicking anywhere there isn't a link or icon. Then expand the left queue menu (click on the small 'filing cabinet' icon), then drop down the Bulk Actions and select Resend Welcome.
  3. Clear saved usernames and passwords from your browser settings before trying to log into either Inteliguide or Patrolguide with a new password. It's easy to confirm to the browser that you'd like to save the credentials you've just entered, especially on a smartphone or tablet. So most users do, and we encourage that. There is, however, a known bug on some older versions of mobile Chrome that will refuse to acknowledge the fact that you may be trying to type in your new password into either Inteliguide or Patrolguide after you've successfully changed it. Using the password reset process, once you've defined a new password, you'll end up on your dashboard. So it's only the next time you attempt to login where this may be experienced. That makes this issue kind of confusing, but if you know you're typing in your email address and new password correctly, and still being denied access, the best thing to do is clear your saved credentials from your browser and try again. Resave your credentials once you've successfully logged in again.
  4. Make sure the Patrolguide Role for the Account is set to Officer or Manager. If it's set to None, then access to Patrolguide will be denied for that Account.
  5. Login to Inteliguide to get to Patrolguide. Users will infrequently experience an orphaned session in Patrolguide. This can happen when they've experienced some harsh connectivity issues during some activity or server response. It's rare, but it happens, and when it does… sometimes Patrolguide will reject logins despite repeatedly entering known good username and password combinations. You can reset the Patrolguide session by opening a new tab for Inteliguide.
    • If Inteliguide loads the dashboard without having to login once you navigate there on your new browser window or tab, click the top right profile drop down (look for the icon of the person silhouette), then click the Log Out link.
    • Log back into Inteliguide.
    • Once on the Dashboard click the Patrolguide button in the top left over the app logo.
    • This will load Patrolguide and should log you in.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the mobile app if you experience a constant error exception trying to do anything at all in the app. This error has been fixed in subsequent versions of the mobile app.


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