2.3.2 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide 


Feature Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Patrolguide Tour Builder Rewrite fixed several bugs with the tour generation engine
  • Work Order validation fix
  • Popularity Index for Codes/Dispos is now cached for better performance, eliminating timeouts
  • Fixed error in Activity/Alert Summaries worker that was preventing some email from reaching inboxes
  • Fixed many Android bugs, and a few iOS bugs as well. All of them were causing crashes, forced restarts, or exceptions

Coming Soon! (short list)

  • New Billing Full Reports
  • Additional Client Dash Activity Report Widgets
  • Shift Commitments via Mobile

Activity Report Attachments (Media Uploads)

Uploading New/Edit

Report Attachments are finally here! You can now attach files (media - pics, short video clips, medium audio clips - otherwise) that are relevant to whatever report you're logging.

Look for the ATTACHMENT + button in the Activity Report Form, you can attach one or many attachments and review them on the Client Report Detail page when you're done logging your report.

You can upload media from either desktop or mobile browsers, the individual file limit is 20MB.

NOTE: Uploading from mobile browsers, like mobile Safari or Chrome, cuts out the importing steps needed if uploading from a Toughbook or Desktop.

Admins and users actively working Shifts can also add or remove attachments by Editing the Activity Report from the Client Reports List or Detailed pages.


Inteliguide New Form Example



Add Files Example

add files example

You can select more than one file at a time for upload depending on the operating system dialog capabilities (mobile may only allow one at a time, depending).


Remove Files Example

remove unwanted files


List Example

attachment list example


Detailed Example

attachments detail


Employee "Time card" Payroll Access

Cop & Civilian Role Users can now access their last two full payroll periods.

This will allow employees to audit, submit corrections, and approve payrolls, which will help reduce the amount of communication traditionally required for that process. The totals they see are affected by the new Payroll Toggle Defaults. Whatever is set there will affect how the report behaves for Cops & Civilians (with the exception of the CSV Exports, as those are only allowed for higher privilege Roles).


Employee Payroll Example

 employee payroll


Work Order Enhancements

Patrol Work Order Tour Schedule Additions

  • Billing Item
  • Billable Rate (per tour)
  • Holiday Rate (per tour)


Tour Schedule Example

tour schedule example


Dedicated Work Order Shift Schedule Additions

  • Pay Rate (hourly) - Generated Shifts are assigned this rate. Having this on the Shift Schedule allows for different rates to be set depending on the Schedule. Updating these values on existing Work Orders will result in any generated Shifts in the future that have NOT been modified (e.g. by plugging in an officer) receiving the new rate.
  • Billable Rate (hourly)
  • Holiday Rate (hourly)


 Shift Schedule Example

shift schedule example


These settings are intended to reduce the amount of duplicate Work Orders that may have been required for different levels of services prior to this release.

Client Read Receipts

Client Views "Read Receipts"

We've had several requests from Client upper management to allow them to determine when subordinates might log in to view Activity Reports. So, say the district manager of a property management firm wants to make sure their property managers are viewing crucial reports. This is now possible via read receipts in the Client Reports List and Report Detail pages.

NOTE: This only applies to other Clients with the same Location Rights. Clients will only be able to see if another Client User has read a report, they will not be able to see when Internal staff (e.g. the officers, or an account manager) have viewed reports. This is to ensure that there are no disconnects and/or miscommunication that could impact customer service perceptions.


Client Views Example (appears on both the Modal Popup on the Client Reports List AND Client Report Detail pages)

client views 

Payroll Updates

We've added some new customization options to Payroll Settings along with a new export format called Payroll Export! This is a line-item breakout intended to simplify the Payroll upload process for third-party vendor services. This will save a ton of time and effort while preparing payroll each cycle.

Pay Code & Toggles Settings Example
payroll settings

The Pay Codes show up in the new Payroll CSV Export and are summarized per pay code. The summary line items in the CSV export break out according to employee, pay rate, and pay code (defaults are: 1099 PAY, SALARY PAY, RT, OT, HOL, & HOT).

New 'Payroll Export' Toggle
payroll export toggle

Output Sample
payroll export csv sample

Your Detailed Export hasn't changed other than it now considers new detail breakouts for Holiday and Holiday OT. This should round out Holiday Pay nicely!

As mentioned above for the new Employee "Time card" Payroll Access, the new Payroll Toggles: Page Load & Auto Send Defaults will determine what the default Toggle Settings are when Payroll is loaded fresh (e.g. clicking on Reports -> Payroll). This is true for Cops & Civilians as well, especially since they don't have access to additional Filters & Toggles like Admins, Schedulers, Accounting, and privileged Site Managers do.

Switching Franchise (market) Contexts will load these defaults per market, but bookmarks with toggle setting that differ from those set in Payroll Settings will still be preserved. That basically means that the Payroll Default Toggle Settings won't interfere with bookmarks and copy/pasted URLs that might differ in Toggle values.

Since some markets have different default values for their Toggles, this will come in especially handy for anyone tasked with quickly switching between Franchise (market) Contexts.

Finally, the Payroll Toggles Settings will apply to the Auto Send reports that are sent out the day after each payroll cycle ends, for anyone electing to receive them (as defined in Payroll Settings) that is. 


Billing Address Updates

ATTN Field & Address Line Number and Length Warning & Confirmation

To ensure better consistency for uploading into accounting, billing, and invoicing software, like Sage 100, we've added the following field AND warning/confirmation:


  • ATTN FIeld: 30 Character Limit
  • Warnings & Confirmation for if the Billing Address exceeds 30 characters for any line, and if the lines themselves exceed 2 (Address 1, and Address 2, respectively).


attn field warnings and confirms


New Android & iOS App Releases

iOS & Android Updates

The following updates are now available in the Google Play Store for Android:

  • Subdomain allows for multiple site app access 
  • Enhanced login form usability 
  • Many bug fixes 
  • Performance improvements 
  • Better error handling 
  • Better network connectivity feedback 
  • Time Punch Confirmations 
  • Message Center redesign

NOTE: The iOS version is in review at Apple as of the writing of this documentation 8/31/2014. That will be released in the Apple App Store as soon as it passes Apple's mandatory review. 


New Login Form

login screen



Subdomain Explanation

subdomain explanation



Time Punch Confirmation

time punch confirmation



Clearer Billing Labels

Patrol/Dedicated Work Orders

We've added some labels to make units and other details clearer on some of the Contract New Billing Details.


Step 3 Contract labels for Patrol Work Orders

patrol work order labels


Step 3 Contract labels for Dedicated Work Orders

dedicated work order labels 


Billing Details for Ad-Hoc Shifts

billing details labels


Clearer Patrolguide Labels

Patrol officers can now view tour set names directly in Patrolguide. This hasn't been possible until today, and required quite an overhaul in how we generate and store tour information on the Patrolguide Schedule. This will reduce the need for duplicate Patrol Work Orders with different Descriptions (normal vs lock-ups, for example).

We also added the Patrol Group name to the Choose Location page title, and gave the Abort Patrol button a friendlier, less threatening name. This will help clarify which Patrol Group you're working in, especially when you might have been switched to an unexpected Patrol Group while picking up a dispatched Alarm Response.

Set Name on Tour Schedule Form
set name on tour schedules

Label Changes in Patrolguide

label changes in patrolguide

In Progress Summary Section in Patrolguide

We've defaulted the set names to Tour Schedule #1, #2, and so on in cases there wasn't a custom name already defined.


Last Logged In User/Profile Label

Users & Admins can now see last logged in info on Profiles and User Detail pages

NOTE: The label will read 'Never' until someone next logs in, even if they logged in at some point in the past. This is because we've newly added this feature to the users table.

Profile Example

profile last logged in


User Detail Example

 user details last logged in


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