New Features

This is a quick overview of the new features you can expect from Guide Version 2.0. While the 2.0 rewrite of Inteliguide & Patrolguide primarily brings the platform to a newer, more capable set of technologies, and establishes a central API (Application Programming Interface), there were a number of additional features that we just couldn't ignore and are proud to be able to include!

  • Centralized database with unlimited cloud processing, computing, and storage. Related: Goals & Obstacles PDF
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration for all media including photos, attachments, and videos
  • Central API for third-party app integration
  • Modular architecture that allows a shared platform across web, mobile, and tablet apps
  • Universal Login, log into one Lyconic application and you're automatically logged into others that you're authorized for
  • Franchise Core
  • Easier Google-Calendar-like Scheduling
  • Agenda (List view of the Schedule, for easy Bulk Editing of Shifts)
  • Create Shifts for Groups or Locations, not just Groups.
  • Easier Shift Management
  • Deletable Cancelled Shifts
  • Shift Defaults for Groups and Locations
  • Billable Rates
  • Shift Driven Billing, like Shift Driven Payroll in v1.x
  • Context Menu
  • Easy Application Switching via Context Menu
  • Easy Context Switching for Multi-market Authorizations (Users authorized for more than one Franchise) via Context Menu
  • Unified Notifications Center via Context Menu
  • Work within multiple Franchise Contexts at once across many open browser windows or tabs
  • Responsive User Interface (UI)
  • Search-as-you-type drop down lists
  • Accurate Time Punch Tracking per Shift, including clocking in and out of Lunches
  • Unified List Behavior and UI
  • Bulk Actions queue that saves selections while navigating to and from Lists and allows for Bulk Editing many records at once
  • Browser navigation (backward/forward) works everywhere and allows for bookmarking drilled-down search and filter results for later review and sharing
  • More comprehensive and organized Settings
  • Users & Businesses deduplication
  • Archivable Documents
  • Contextual Actions, Navigation, and UI design and layout
  • Mobile Browser Optimization
  • Patrol Routing Optimization
  • Mobile Application for Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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