We used Google Calendar as inspiration for the new V2 Inteliguide Schedule. We wanted it to be easy to use, and responsive. We also wanted it to follow the philosophies that helped us shape our new List technology. We wanted Users to be able to quickly hone in on exactly what items they wanted to view and work with. We've made some great starting strides in accomplishing that, and we're proud of the efficiencies and experiences that our current V2 Schedule provides. The Schedule specifically encapsulates or organizes collections of Shifts relevant to the below Schedule views. You can think of Shifts as you would think of Appointments, to follow the Google Calendar analogy.

Current Schedule Views:

Future Development:

  • Week
  • Day
  • Performance optimizations

Note: Please check out Shifts in order to more fully understand the significance of the Schedule.

Schedule Overview

Let's take a look at the Schedule from the following perspectives:

  • Filters & Toggles Panel
  • Schedule
    • Interactive Key
    • Day Cells
    • Day Popup
    • Shift Info
    • Quick Add

Note: Please see Groups vs Locations for a description of how the Groups vs Locations Filters work with Locales.

Filters & Toggles Panel


The Filters & Toggles Panel, above the Schedule Month view, sees the addition of a Group filter since Shifts can now be created for Groups OR Locations. We've added a new filter for shifts generated by whatever Dedicated Work Orders that might be present on your schedule for the given month.


Since we've moved Shifts on the Schedule into a one-line view from the three lines in legacy, to save vertical screen space, we thought it was necessary to include formatting options that would optimize how data is situated in the horizontal one-line:

We also liked how Google Calendar dimmed past appointments, and thought it would be useful to integrate that. Since we reason that some may find that useful, and some won't, we made that a Toggle option as well.

Here's a basic overview of what they look like in their various states:

  • Hovering over an active state gives you an 'x' icon that indicates that clicking will deactivate the toggle:

  • Hovering over an inactive toggle will give you a similar, but slightly different looking state than active:

Dim Past Shifts:

All Shifts in the past, leading up to today will appear slightly muted, or dimmed compared to Today and beyond.

Full Time Range:

This displays more than just a Start Time for the Shift. When this is enabled, it will take more horizontal space in the one-line view, but you can see when the Shift starts and when it ends.

0000-0600 Username Group/Location Name

instead of

0000 Username Group/Location Name

Locations/Groups Before Users:

This toggle allows you to see the Location/Group Name for the Shift BEFORE the Username for the Shift. This is helpful if you're scanning for a Location/Group name that has been pushed off the right side of the Shift Day Cell due to the Username being listed first.

0000-0600 _Group/Location Name_ Username

instead of

0000-0600 _Username_ Group/Location Name

Shifts marked with an 'L' are Shifts created for Locations. Shifts marked with a 'G' are Shifts created for Groups.

Note: You can think of Toggles like checkboxes, but fancier looking. They're really no different. It was a way to get away from using the same tired checkboxes, that can't be styled still (for some reason) even in the most modern of browsers.


Interactive Key

As mentioned above, this key is full of toggles. Click on or off any of them and you can see the results refreshed on the Schedule itself. The example below shows the schedule with CBS Teams filtered out of the results.

Notice that the "Team CBS" toggle is dimmed, to indicate it's inactive.

Printable Schedule

This version of the Schedule preserves the Key filter toggles, and will print all Shifts; even those below the 'view more' link.

Look for the 'printer' icon in the top left corner of the Schedule.

Day Cells

This is a day cell, the square (or cell) containing all the Shifts for that given unique Day:

Note: As in legacy, Shifts that start in the current Day, and run into the next will be denoted by an arrow icon pointing to the right.

Since many days will have more than 8 Shifts scheduled at any one time, we needed a way to view more Shifts without blowing up the whole Schedule (like the legacy Schedule). That leads us to...

Day Popup

Clicking the 'view more' link will pop up any additional Shifts that aren't preloaded into the Day Cell when the Schedule first renders. From within this container, you can easily scroll up and down to view and interact with more Shifts.

Shift Info

Whether you're looking at a Shift within a Day Cell, or a Day Popup, clicking on the Shift will produce the Shift Info popup.

This popup will give you most of the pertinent details of the shift. The Location/Group it's for, how much it pays, how much it bills (if you're an Admin User), lunch info, starts/stops & duration, and a Note.

If the Shift is in the Available status, and you're an LEB or CBS User wishing to Commit to the Shift, there will be a Commit button available that will allow you to review the disclaimer about Shift commitments and Level Bumping before you confirm committing to the Shift.

The EDIT Button will allow Admins to modify attributes of the Shift.

Clicking the 'more info' link will bring the you to the Shift Details.

Quick Add

One of the more innovative additions to the Schedule in V2 is the ability to quickly Add Shifts on the fly. Coupled with Shift Defaults, this makes for a very powerful and efficient tool for Admin users.

The 'Advanced' link takes you to the Add Shifts Form.

Full Schedule Overivew

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