Say Hello to the Dashboard

The Dashboard is broken up into two main sections:

The sections of the Dashboard are known as Widgets. Here is a list of all total possible Widgets that will appear in V2.0 (V2.x may change, and with it this documentation).


These are listed going from left column, top to bottom, then right column, top to bottom.

Left Column

  • Profile Info
    • Name
    • Role
    • Context (Which Franchise you're working in)
    • Authorization duration (either an expiration date or Never Expires)
  • Location Bulletins (Shift Dash Widget)
  • Call Roster
  • Access Info (the artist formerly known as Codes)
  • Page Footer (formerly Page Title)

Right Column

The following will all allow paging via the View More Button:

  • Location Bulletins
  • Recent Patrol Activity
  • News

Loading more records after initial page-load will allow the Dash to load less cluttered. If you want to get more detail for any of those lists, simply click "View More."

Dash - Otherwise Known as 'Home'

What is available to you on the Dashboard depends on your Role. There are two separate visibilities on the Dash:

  • Internal (All Roles but Client)
  • External (Client)


As for the internal view, not much changes on a Role by Role basis. If you're not working a Shift and are not Scheduled for one in the near future, you'll have access to the following Widgets:

  • Profile
  • Call Roster
  • Access Info
  • Footer
  • News
    • Posts written for Both (Internal & External) or strictly Internal
    • Will NOT have access to Posts written strictly for External viewers

Call Roster

An up-to-the-minute list of on-call personnel. Call Roster Schedules have to be built prior, but as long as they exist, and you're viewing the Dashboard during a time when individuals are available, then you will see the relevant contact info. There are also two sections in Call Roster Settings that allow Admins to customize messages above and below the Call Roster list that can be used for generic contact information, or virtually anything else the Admin would want to add there.

Access Info

This section can really be used for anything the Franchise Admin wants to place there, but the purpose of it is to post static access information for some of the larger active accounts in the market. These should be generic as they are available to ALL Internal Users.


This is boiler-plate information for anybody accessing Inteliguide. It can contain literally anything a Franchise Admin wants to put there. Again, since this is accessible to BOTH Internal and External Users, discretion should be used as to the type and content of the information placed here.


News posts are generally sorted newest on top after Urgent Posts & Staff Features, which are also sorted newest on top. Internal Users will not see any Post that is exclusively for External viewers.

Monthly Category Totals

Click to the Client Reports List filtered for each respective Category: Activities, Incidents, Maintenance, and Flagged.

Internal Dash


This is really very simple for Client, or External Users. The only accessibility is as follows:

  • Profile
  • Monthly Category Totals
  • External & Both (Internal/External) News Only
  • Footer

Monthly Category Totals Widget w/ Navigation

Additional Client Navigation:

  • Contact destination is the Contact Management form, this will help Client web Users contact their account managers or other market administrators through the application.
  • Settings leads to their Profile Edit Form and their Profile Settings

Client (External) Dash

Shift Dash

Internal Users working Shifts will get a starkly different view of the Dash in that there are Shift specific Widgets. Clients, or External Users can't access any components of the Shift Dash.

As mentioned above, Internal Users working Shifts may have access to ALL the widgets listed above, but will additionally have access to Widgets that help them conduct Shift Operations:

  • Location Bulletin Posts
  • Shift Info & Actions
  • Recent Patrol Activity

Location Bulletins

Shifts that are for Locations or Groups containing Locations with active Location Bulletins will feature this Widget. It will contain Unread and Read active Location specific Bulletin Posts for the one or many Locations that a Shift has been created for. A Shift can be created for more than one Location if it is created for a Group that contains more than one Location. If the Shift is created for just one Location, active bulletins for that one Location will appear. If the Shift is for a Group, any active bulletins will appear for all the Locations contained within the Group.

The Location Bulletins Widget tracks when Posts have been Read and allows Users to re-read older Posts. This Widget will be sorted with Unread at the top, followed by Read, both in chronological order. The Widget will load restricted to the top 10 items, but will be page enabled (View More) to allow more space for the Call Roster Widget below it.

Once a Bulletin Post has been read, a read receipt is logged for the User, along with the Date/Time it was read. This is for accountability reasons. The read receipt is only logged the first time the User expands the message to view it in its entirety.

Shift Info & Actions

This Widget provides operational Actions to Users actively working Shifts or Actively Scheduled for upcoming Shifts. It contains the Shift ID, Name of the Location or Group, Schedule Date/Time info, Time Punching, Shift Actions (Shift Details, View Report(s), Access Schedule, & Write Report), and Shift Progress info.

Post Orders

These are links to Documents that are assigned to Shifts through Dedicated Work Orders. They feature Document Titles, Filenames, and expanding them will reveal the document Description. Clicking/tapping the Title will download the Document and log your viewing of it.

Recent Patrol Activity

This Widget ONLY shows up if the User has recently worked Shifts that were created for Patrol Groups. It will preload with just 10 items, but will be page enabled (View More) to allow more space for the News Widget below it. It will scan for any Patrol Activity in the last 30 days and will display if it finds any. While on display, it can bring back up to the last 30 days worth of Patrol activity by clicking the View More button.

Full Dash

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