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Codes are used to tag or categorize Activity Reports with specific flags, so-to-speak. A User working a Shift might encounter nothing at all, or they may experience an incident. Codes allow that User to select all the relevant things they may have observed or encountered while working their Shift. A good example would be a User finding a maintenance issue on Location, say a gas leak. They would select the Maintenance - Safety Issue & Building - Gas/Water/etc Leak Codes.

You can think of Codes as what the User observed or encountered while on Location during their Shift, with Dispositions (Dispos) being how they reacted to those things. Also - Code, Dispo, and Instruction Support Items are relevant to Shift Defaults.

Note: Admins can access Codes by clicking on the Manage menu drop down.


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Clicking on the List Item link will take you to the Code Details.


Main Info

In the headline of the Code, you will see the Category followed by the Name of the Code separated by a hyphen. For now, that mimics the behavior of Legacy Codes.

The Default Action is typically pertinent instructions presented to Users working Shifts who happen to chose the Code in question on their Activity Reports. By the end of their Activity Reporting process, Users will see whatever applicable Default Actions given them by their correspondingly selected Codes. This information WILL be seen by Users!

The Note will also be seen by Users during the Activity Reporting process.


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