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This section was created as a tool that Admins could use to quickly get an understanding of Users' immediate Availability. It also gives them the ability to rate Users on their Reliability:

Reliability can encompass shift performance, how often the User is willing to go out of their way to meet the demands of a changing Schedule, and/or how many times they're willing fill in during emergencies. It can be used with the default Sort value of Reliability to put the most reliable Users on the top of the List, with the least so at the bottom.

This List represents the Availability of Users independent of their Scheduled Status at the precise moment in time that you accessed the List. We plan on adding the ability to project what Availabilities will look like past, present, and future by combining the Availability filters with a Date Range. We also intend to take into consideration User's present and future Shift Commitments. Coming soon!

Don't forget to check out Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

Note: Admins can access the Call Directory by clicking on the Schedule menu drop down arrow tab.


Search By

  • Full Name
  • Email

Filter By

  • All Roles

  • All Wage Types

    • 1099
    • W-2 Hourly
    • W-2 Salary
  • All Availabilities

    • Full Time
    • Part Time
    • Seasonal/Holiday
      • Spring
      • Summer
      • Fall
      • Winter
      • Any Holiday
      • Spring Break
      • Winter Holiday Break
  • All Preferences

    • Mornings
    • Days
    • Mid Days
    • Evenings
    • Nights
    • Weekends
    • Nights & Weekends
  • All Flexibilities

    • Flexible
    • Extremely Flexible
    • Inflexible
  • All SMS

    • Yes SMS (meaning they've opted into receiving SMS... Filter, make selections, and click Message. Then, simply switch the Destination to SMS on Create Message in order to blast a quick message out via text messaging)
    • No SMS
  • Specific Availabilities

    • One or many Time Ranges with corresponding selected Days

Sort By

  • Reliability 9..0
  • Reliability 0..9
  • Flexibility A..Z
  • Flexibility Z..A
  • Full Name A..Z
  • Full Name Z..A
  • Last Name A..Z
  • Last Name Z..A
  • Role A..Z
  • Role Z..A

List Item Info & Totals

  • Role
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability Ranking

Custom List Item Actions

  • Vote Reliability Up
  • Vote Reliability Down
  • Message

Typical lists would have Edit, View and Archive/Delete, but this is a special List.

Clicking on Message will transfer you to the Create Message Form with the selected User pre-populated as recipient.

Bulk Actions

  • Vote Reliability Up
  • Vote Reliability Down
  • Message

Clicking on Message will transfer you to the Create Message Form with the selected User(s) pre-populated as recipient(s).

Clicking on the List Item link will take you to the User Details.

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