Activity Summaries

This report is an offshoot of the Client Reports. It covers the following:

These are all things that have been extracted from Client Reports in order to streamline and simplify that section. Since we realized that there was value in evaluating User Activity Report performance and reviewing basic Codes & Dispos statistics, we decided to break this section out into its own report. We will be expanding on this in the coming months to make it more useful and informative. Coming soon!


Note: Admins can access Activity Summaries by clicking on the Reports menu drop down.

Filter Panel Options

Filter By

  • All Locations

  • All Users

    • Active Users scoped for the current Franchise Context
  • All Types

    • Shift
    • Tour
  • Date Range

    • Start Date/Time
    • End Date/Time

Activity Summaries

This section evaluates User Activity Report Performance. Set your Filter settings and generate the report. You'll get alphabetically ordered list of Users with the following info:

  • User ID
  • User Name
  • Reports Count (Number of Reports the User logged for your given Filter settings)
  • Average Minutes per those Reports
  • Characters per Minute for the Reports

In the past, Users have been motivated by a desire to protect their work in the event of connection loss and/or browser/system crashes. We suggested writing longer reports in Notepad or some other text editor and then copy/pasting the content into the Activity Reports as a work around. The problem with that is... that totally skews the results of this section.

We're proud to announce that we're caching the input of every Activity Report as it is being logged, and clearing that cache only when it's been successfully submitted. That should eliminate the need for a work around that muddies the statistical waters when it comes to how Users are performing. We'll be adding better statistics, as well, as we build this section out. Coming soon!

Code & Dispo Summaries

These sections are really very simple. They report the following:

  • Count (Number of times the Code/Dispo appeared in Reports given your filter settings)
  • Code/Dispo ID
  • Category
  • Description

All results take into consideration your filter settings prior to generating them.

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