Patrolguide Schedule

Tour Schedules (or Sets) are generated by Patrol Work Orders. Here on the Patrolguide Schedule, you can see a 3 day Gantt chart representing your patrol landscape visualizing each Tour Sets Start Day/Time and duration.

For a good understanding of Patrols and Tour Schedules (Sets) Start with Patrol Work Orders, where the data is actually created, and work your way to more detail covered in Patrols Tours & Alarm Dispatches - Responses and how they coincide with the Inteliguide Schedule.

A Tour Set on the Patrolguide Schedule

As described at greater length here and here, the individual Tour Set that you see above sits nearly at the bottom of the Patrol hierarchy:

  • Patrol - Overarching Top Level, all Patrols for a Market
    • Patrol Group - Central Patrol, for example, a smaller slice of the overall Market Patrol
      • Tour Schedule - Selections of Days with uniform Tour Sets
        • Tour Set - 3 Tours, 7 Minutes Each, to be conducted between 1900 and 0500 hours, that have a Tour Schedule of Monday - Friday... for example
          • Tour - A unique visit to a Client Location. One of three, following the above example

Understanding the above will make understanding the overall Patrolguide Schedule a little clearer. Clicking on a Tour Set, for example, will allow you to view the individual Tours within it:

That said, let's get back to the three column layout mentioned above.

  • Left Column - Features Tour Sets that Start the Previous Day and End the Current Day
  • Center Column - Features Tour Sets that Start and End the Current Day
  • Right Column - Features Tour Sets that Start the Current Day and End the Next Day

When placed simultaneously together, the three columns paint a more fluid and complete picture of an ever progressing Patrol landscape.

Left Column

Center Column

Right Column


Note: This Patrol Schedule should not be confused with the Inteliguide Schedule that is used to organize Users who will be expected to Clock In and work Shifts, including Shifts for Patrol Groups. By way of example, Dedicated Shifts typically cover one general Location for an 8 to 10 hour Shift (a shopping mall or campus may have many sub-locations, but they're geographically close in proximity and purpose). Patrol Shifts, meanwhile, will cover a broad geographical region or Patrol Group covering Locations for many varied Clients and purposes. For more info, check out Dedicated vs Patrol.


Double Note: Admins can access the Patrolguide Schedule by clicking on the Schedule menu drop down arrow tab.


Patrolguide Schedule Overview

The Patrolguide Schedule itself serves as an overview of all the Tour Sets for an entire Market.

It's useful to break this section up into the following:

  • Filters Panel
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Schedule
    • Key
    • Quick Navigation Calendar
    • Tour Set Popup
    • Schedule Info Flyout (per Tour)
    • Edit Set Flyout


Filters Panel

  • All Patrol Groups

  • All Users

    • All Active Users per Market
  • All Vehicles

    • All Active Vehicles per Market
  • All Statuses

    • Alarm
    • Completed
    • En Route
    • In Progress
    • Overflow
    • Reporting
    • Scheduled
  • Time Range (will search within the Current Day)

    • Start Time - for currently viewed Day
    • End Time - for currently viewed Day

Patrol Groups

Filtering by Patrol Groups makes using the Patrolguide Schedule much more manageable, but we still wanted you to be able to see the entirety of a Market in one glance.


We decided to keep the toggles in the Filters section for now as a drop down, and away from the Key so we could move on to other crucial work. That will be something we'll add down the line to bring the functionality more in line with the Inteliguide Schedule. Coming soon!

Time Range

The Time Range filter applies to the Current Day. These work by encompassing the Start and End Times of the Tour Sets within the range entered. You don't have to enter both a Start and End Time for the filter to work.

Say you set the Start Time to 0900 and the End Time to 1900. That will bring back all Tour Sets that both have a Start Time equal to or after 0900 AND an End Time equal to or prior to 1900.

Using just the Start or just the End Time works like a high pass or low pass EQ filter on a stereo. You can eliminate all Tour Sets starting prior to your entered Start Time, all the way up to 2359. Or, you can exclude all Tour Sets ending after your input End Time, all the way down to 0000.


Note: Just some clarification on what we mean by "Current Day." That refers to the Day you're currently viewing on the Schedule and NOT your actual current calendar day of the month or Today (like what you'd see if you glanced at the day on your watch or mobile device).

Filter Panel

Schedule Analysis

Like legacy, this is an almost identical analysis of the stats (in content) you're looking at according to your filter settings. The primary difference is that it includes numbers across all three columns. So any Tour Sets STARTING in the Left Column (the Previous Day) and overlapping into the Current Day, along with the Current Day, along with any Sets ENDING in the Right Column (the Next Day) are included.

The numbers reflect your Filter Settings.


Description of Elements

Column Width:

Each Column, Left, Center, and Right, represents 24 hours in time. The Current or Center Column starts from 0000 of that selected Day and goes to 0000 the Next Day.

Tour Set Width & Placement:

Where the Tour Sets Start and End visibly determines where they're placed within that three Column setup. Tour Sets also reflect the length of their Start Time to End Time by their horizontal width on the Schedule. Their width does have a min-width for sets that are very short; those around half an hour from Start to End, for example. So what you end up with is a very accurate visualization of where each Set Starts and Ends AND their Duration.


Note: Very short Tour Sets need to be wide enough for you to see the relevant Description, totals, and attribute flags. That means that when viewed against the "now" Today Tick-mark, mentioned below... it may appear that a set LOOKS expired while at the same time extending out past its End Time. That's simply an artifact of the limitations of Tour Set screen width coupled to actual duration.

Today Tick-mark:

A subtle tick-mark indicates where you are visibly in the actual current calendar day (Today).


Set styles:

These styles apply to the entire Tour Set, affecting their border and background colors.

  • Alarm
  • Expiring - Will show Orange on the Patrolguide Schedule when the Tour Set End Time is within 30 minutes of Expiring. Sets that are expired appear semi-translucent
  • In Progress


The styles appear as square flags within the borders of the Tour Set itself. Like legacy, seeing any of the following:

  • Overflow
  • Incomplete (this means there are some but not ALL Tours Completed within a Tour Set)
  • Completed
  • En Route
  • Reporting

flags featured in a Tour Set doesn't automatically denote how many times (for how many Tours) that particular Status or attribute applies. It just means that within the Tour Set, you can find at least one Tour that has that Status or attribute.

As mentioned above, the key doesn't function as a toggle Filter like on the Inteliguide Schedule. It's for informational purposes only.


Note: Scheduled Status is assumed, it doesn't have an explicit style or "flag" color.



You can use the left and right Arrows to navigate one at a time back and forth, or click on the full Date Header to access a reference calendar that you can use to quickly navigate to specific Days further in the past and future.

Tour Set Popup

This populates asynchronously when the Tour Set is clicked on. That behavior allows a very lightweight page to load dynamically and very quickly. The biggest limitation to the legacy Patrolguide Schedule was its latency. That was due to the massive amount of information being loaded up-front, which was a limitation of the framework used at the time. We're proud of the fact that we've made such huge strides in performance and responsiveness in V2!

The Tour Set Popup contains all the relevant attributes assigned and associated to that Set.

Once you click on the Tour Set to open up its details, you can see a mini list of all the Tours contained within. Clicking on an individual Tour in the list will produce a Schedule Info Flyout.

Other actions within this Popup are as follows:

  • View/Modify Reports - Will transfer you to the Client Reports List featuring all Activity Reports logged for all Tours in the Set
  • Start Tour - Allows Admins and Managers who have access to the Patrolguide Schedule to automatically start working any Scheduled Tour in the Set. The Admin will be transferred to Patrolguide once they choose to Start a Tour
  • Edit - Produces the Edit Tour Flyout (described below)
  • Schedule Info - Goes to the Details for the Patrol Work Order that produced the Set

Schedule Info Flyout

This Popup Flyout contains all the information captured during Patrol operations. Notice the Header reflects the color of the flag in the key that corresponds to the Status of the Tour?

If the total Tour Time exceeds the Scheduled Time, that value will appear red.

Clicking Report + will allow Admins and Managers to log additional Activity Reports for the Tour if need be.

Edit Set Flyout

Editing the attributes of a given Tour Set on-the-fly is easier than ever. Simply click Edit, and quickly adjust the number of Tours, the Set End Date, and/or the Set End Time. Click SAVE. It's that easy. Not only is it that easy, but the results of the Edit are immediately apparent... no need to refresh the page!

Patrolguide Schedule - Full Glory

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