Legacy Billing

Like mentioned here, no matter what the attribute values are for Billable Rate on Location or Group Shift Defaults, Billable Rate values are ultimately derived from the Shifts in this Report.


Note: As mentioned elsewhere, we will be bringing CSV export capabilities to every Report. Coming soon!


Double Note: Admins can access Billing by clicking on the Reports menu drop down.


Filter Panel Options

Filter By

  • Date Range
    • From
    • To (maximum of 31 days, but allows selections within or across months)
  • All Businesses
  • All Groups
    • Active Groups scoped for current Franchise Context
  • All Locations
    • Active Locations scoped for current Franchise Context
  • All Teams
    • Civilian Based
    • Law Enforcement
  • All Statuses
    • Completed
    • Cancelled
    • Pending
    • Scheduled
    • Available
    • In Progress


Note: Please see Groups vs Locations for a description of how the Groups vs Locations Filters work with Locales.

Optional Toggle

  • Detailed
  • Non-Billable (includes results for Shifts that are toggled "Non-billable" from the Schedule)
  • Export to CSV

Make your selections and click GENERATE to view results.



Given the Filter settings and the Optional Toggles, the Report results vary by:

  • Summary
  • Detailed
  • Billable

Filter Settings

Summary Report View

The results are ordered by Group Shifts, followed by Location Shifts, grouped accordingly. Within each Location or Group grouping, the Totals are ordered by their Location/Group (Locale) Name ascending.

The Summary view excludes line items for each Shift within each Location/Group grouping, instead only featuring the totals from each. It's more of a snapshot as opposed to a detailed look at every Shift in the Report.

Detailed Report View

This view is much the same as the Summary view, only with a listing of all Shifts corresponding to each Group/Location grouping. The groupings are ordered by Locale name to make tracking Shifts for Groups and Shifts for Locations that have been similarly or identically named (Village Pointe - Dedicated, for example) easier to identify and reconcile. Within each Location or Group grouping, the Shifts are ordered by their Start Date/Time ascending.

Below each set of Shifts is featured the totals that you see in the Summary Report View, above.


Note: Shifts marked Non-Billable are listed in the Detailed Report View as a line item, but their Billable Rate is considered to be 0.00 (even if set otherwise on the Shift itself).



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