Shift Hours

This report supersedes User Pay in legacy Inteliguide. User Pay had the ability to establish a range and select to generate an individual or a collective report of the hours worked by and pay due to Users.

The introduction of the Payroll system in Inteliguide rendered User Pay all but obsolete, with the exception of checking cumulative hours during payroll cycles. We decided to focus on preserving that capability so Admins could avoid surprises on payday by monitoring the amount of hours Users were Committing to and Scheduled to work.

Note: Hours now pull from Time Punch data input by Users during the course of working their Shifts, or approved and entered by Admins after the fact.

Double Note: Admins can access Shift Hours by clicking on the Reports menu drop down.

Filter Panel Options

Filter By

  • Date & Time Range

    • From
    • To (When all other filters are set to All, maximum of 90 days allowed. When set to something more specific, a maximum of one year allowed)
  • All Users

  • All Statuses

    • Completed
    • Cancelled
    • Pending
    • Scheduled
    • Available
    • In Progress
  • All Teams

    • Civilian Based
    • Law Enforcement

Optional Toggles

  • Exclude Incomplete (Any Shifts that have either no or incomplete Time Punches will be excluded from the results)
  • Paid Lunches (Either includes or removes the Punched Lunch durations from the Hours column, depending)
  • Exclude Early (Will start the hours calculation from the exact Scheduled Start Date/Time, regardless of whether the User clocked in earlier than such time)

Make your selections and click GENERATE to view results.

Shift Hours

The results are very straightforward. They're alphabetically sorted according to Last Name, and they display the total amount of Hours worked per User according to Time Punches made on the job. In an adjacent column, we put the Scheduled hours in parenthesis. This tool is specifically useful in determining the amount of hours worked between one Date/Time and another.

Note: Rows in red are missing Time Punch information (either due to incomplete punches or none at all).

Full Report

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