Alarm Summaries

We've moved Alarm Summaries from legacy Patrolguide to the Reports section of Inteliguide V2 for context and consistency.

This report is virtually identical to its legacy counterpart, and still fulfills the role of monitoring Alarm Responses in Patrolguide. As before, Billable Alarms will be given special attention next to the Total Alarms on a per Patrol Work Order basis.

Check out Patrol Tours & Alarm Dispatches - Responses and the Patrolguide Schedule for a more comprehensive understanding of where the data for this Report is generated and how it's consumed.

Note: Admins can access Alarm Summaries by clicking on the Reports menu drop down.

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Make your selections and click GENERATE to view results.

Alarm Summaries

The Report results are listed alphabetically according to the Patrol Work Order Description.

Work Order Links

These link back to the applicable Patrol Work Order Details page.

Alarm Links

Alarms links will link to Client Reports featuring a list of all related Activity Reports written for the given Alarm Responses. A separate link will link to just those Activity Reports written for Billable Alarm Responses.

Full Report

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