This list contains historical Internal Messages from every User in the current Franchise Context. Not only does it show the number of Recipients, but it builds in accountability by displaying the corresponding Views so Admins can cross reference the full recipient list with who actually read the message and when. This is a great way to keep Users accountable for crucial information.

This section, as explained here, DOES NOT track Messages that were sent purely via SMS or External (personal or business email). Once past the confines of Inteliguide, the system has no way of internally tracking who actually received and read a particular message... and/or when.

Coupled with the Message History List, is the Create Message form. It has several access iterations depending on your Role, meaning there are some features that are curtailed if your Role is less than Admin.

Don't forget to check out Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

Note: Admins can access the Message History by clicking on the Manage menu drop down. You can optionally click the Create link to go directly to the Create Message Form.


Search By

  • Subject

Filter By

  • All Users

  • Date Range

    • Start Date
    • End Date

Sort By

  • Newest First
  • Oldest First

Bulk Actions

  • Delete (WARNING: This IS DESTRUCTIVE. It deletes the message from the Inboxes of all recipients)

Clicking on the List Item link will take you to the Message Details.


Main Info

Subject of the Message comprises the Header. Sub header contains the User who posted the Message and when it was posted. Directly below is the body of the Message. Following that is a expandable/collapsible total collection of Recipients, followed by a similar collection of Views; who Viewed the Message and when they viewed it - for accountability reasons.


Required Fields

  • At least ONE recipient from any of the following drop downs:
    • Users
    • Roles
    • Locations
    • Groups
  • Subject
  • Body

To briefly recap the information found in Roles, following are the User Roles that have access to the Full Create Message Form:

Following are the Roles that have tighter and tighter restrictions as you descend the Role hierarchy. Auditors have the same level of access as the Management Users above them, but can ONLY send to INTERNAL Users; no Clients. That means that the drop down controls containing recipients will not be populated with any recipients that happen to be of the Client User Role.

Contact Management Feature

The Roles following them can only access a greatly reduced feature set that basically allows the User to select Management USERS only... the form will not feature any Destination, Roles, Locations, Groups or Attachments controls. It's a very stripped down version of the form that allows for selecting individual Manager Users as recipients, a Subject text box, and a Body multi-line text box.

Full Create Message Form

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