Bulk Edit Shifts

Any variety or mix of Shifts can be selected for Bulk Editing. There are NO restrictions on the type of Shift that you can select in conjunction with any other Shift for Bulk Editing.

In the example below, all of the Shifts contain different Locations, and one is a Shift for a Group. Notice that the selected shifts all have a $0.00 Billable Rate. That's not a great way to run Billing if we want to get paid for our work, so we need to give all the selected Shifts a Billable Rate. Simply unlock the Billable Rate field via the padlock icon to the left of the field, enter a value, and click Save!



After the Agenda List refreshes, you can see the result of your one Bulk Edit operation on the selected records. Select many records, click once to Save your changes. It's that simple.

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