Basic List Navigation

Lists are the backbone of managing the flow of information in Guide. They can be described in essentially four different sections:


The plus symbol '+' when seen in Pillboxes and Buttons stands for Add. A navigation pillbox will serve as a sectional navigation element. Take for example the Accounts section under the Manage Main Navigation Tab. It has four discreet Lists - Businesses, Locations, Groups, & Users. Clicking on any of those will take you to that respective List. Hovering over one of them until a '+' button emerges will allow you to automatically jump to that Account's Add Form.


Franchise Core Example


Search Panel

Lists start out with a collapsed Search Panel that looks fairly basic:

If you want to expand the Panel to access advanced filtering options, simply click the small '+' icon to the top right of the search text box. If you want to navigate away from the List, the state of the Search Panel should be saved and then restored when you return to it (in most browsers). Lists that you most often perform advanced Searches on will load with expanded Panels, while those you do not will load with the simpler collapsed Panel.


Note: Searching and filtering are mutually INCLUSIVE operations in Guide applications. That means that if you Search for a term, and then apply filters, you will reduce the results set. You won't see a Search and Filter operation ambiguously expand the results set. We think efficiency stems from the ability to hone in on exactly what you're looking for quickly. So the methodologies you'll see in searching and filtering will reflect that philosophy.


Top Expanded Search Panel

This section is broken out into three discreet sections:

  • Search
  • Filter
  • Sort

There are a few Lists that have expanded Filter sections, but most will have the above three sections.


Hover Expanded Search Panel & Settings Info

Notice that you'll have access to your applied settings and your position in the record set as you scroll through records.


Applied Search/Filters/Sorts

Notice the results set is narrowed down to only one matching record.



A List Item, is one row in a List of rows. There are three main sections to List Items:

  • Info (right)
  • Actions (left)
  • List Item Totals (far left, only appear in Expanded List View)


Expanded List View


Collapsed List View


Note: Some Lists will have third lines that are dynamically populated with Contact Methods. Be sure to check out Contacts vs Contact Methods in Tips & Tricks


List Actions

For the sake of consistency, every List in Inteliguide will have virtually identical navigational elements, with the exception of the Messages Inbox and the Call Directory:


Every other List

  • Collapse/Expand
  • Edit (goes to Edit Form)
  • View (goes to Details)
  • Archive/Delete

Note: Clicking Archive/Delete will produce a confirmation dialog:


Inbox Messages

  • Reply
  • Reply All
  • Forward
  • Delete


Call Directory

  • Collapse/Expand
  • Vote Up
  • Vote Down
  • Message

Voting increments or decrements the User's Reliability. Message takes Admin Users to Create Message with the selected User as a recipient.


Note: Clicking on the main List Item link will generally take you to the Details page for the record. The only exceptions are on Lists that don't have Details pages (Documents, Call Directory), and the Franchises List in the Franchise Core.


List Selections

Clicking on a List Item anywhere there's NOT already a link or icon will put it into the Queue.

The Queue is a persistent list of items that have been previously selected in a list.

You can select records one a time by manually clicking the items you'd like placed into your Queue. If you'd like to select many records at a time, you can follow these steps:

  1. Filter down to your desired results to narrow your bulk selection.
  2. Load all the records you'd like to bulk select by first scrolling down the page until the records loaded indicator (found at the bottom right of the search panel that follows you as you scroll down the page) reflects the total amount of records you're interested in selecting.
  3. Click on the 'up' icon that appears to the bottom right of the screen as you scroll down the list loading more records. This 'up' icon will send your screen scrolling up to the top of your list again.
  4. Hit the SELECT ALL link at the top left of the List itself. You can click this to load as many records as you'd like. Please keep in mind that you can only process up to 1000 records at a time from the Queue.

You can leave the List and navigate back to it, and it will remember the selections you've made.

Once a queue has been filled with one or more items, you can use the Bulk Actions drop down to make changes or otherwise do something with your selection.




Selection States

Related Tip: Bulk Actions


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