Billable Rates

New to Guide Version 2.0 is the ability to store a Billable Rate on a per Location/Group/Shift Basis. Locations and Groups have Shift Default Billable Rates that can be set, along with other defaults.

Billing Follows Shifts

As in how Payroll follows the information gleaned from Shifts, so does Billing. There are plenty of Defaults values that can populate Pay Rates and Billable Rates in User, Location, and Group Accounts. Those are reference values that populate Shifts as they're created. Those values, reflected in the newly created Shifts, can themselves be modified as needed.

The below example features the Edit Form for a Shift that was created for the Group 'BCBSParkingGarage.'The Billable Rate will be populated with the Default rate of the Group set prior to creating the Shift. This does NOT mean the Rate in the Shift is immutable. Any of the attributes in the Shift can be edited at any time before or after the Shift is supposed to be worked.

That Billable Rate value is where the Billing Report takes its cue.

Note: For more info on how Billing Rates are consumed, please visit the Billing Report.

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