Priority Rank

The Priority Rank is a number that determines how many days a User must wait after a Shift has been released from Pending Status before they can elect to Commit to it. That Ranking is a User Attribute that can be set when Adding/Editing any User but Client. So if the User has a Level 1 Priority Rank, they don't wait any days. If Level 2, they must wait one day. So on and so forth. The lower a User's Priority Rank, the better.

Level Bumping

This can be used as a kind of reinforcement (both negative and positive) for Users with exemplary performance or who have continually abused their Commitments to Shifts. Admins working with 1099 contractors really don't have a way to control their officers beyond termination and Level Bumping. Level Bumping matters because more senior Law Enforcement Based (LEB) Users crave better Shift Schedules and are quite frequently given lower Priority Rankings with less wait time; as long as their performance merits such a decision. When releasing a full Month's worth of Shifts, the juicier Shifts (Shifts scheduled during times that are more preferred by most individuals) get snatched up rather quickly. Again, well performing senior Users in the system have their choice of the preferred Shifts before more junior Users... and will NOT want to lose that privilege. That gives Admins a tool to use for both incentive and well... recourse... for excellence of service, or abuse of the system and poor performance, respectively.

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