Just a quick note about Support. The Support section under Manage houses Codes, Dispositions (Dispos), Instructions, and Vehicles management. The following can ONLY be fully Edited by Master Admins.

We're going to eventually provide a way for Admin Users to modify specific details (like local municipalities separate contact info) on a per Franchise Context basis. Coming soon!

  • Vehicles are still fully editable on a per Franchise basis.


Note: Vehicles moved from Legacy Patrolguide to the Support section in V2 because it made more sense to put Account and Support related management under one roof. That decision, among others, simplified the job of Admins and made the management of both Inteliguide and Patrolguide easier and more contextual.

Support items impact Shift Defaults, Shifts, Activity Reports, Patrolguide and the Patrol Process.


Note: Site Specific Instructions from Legacy became simply 'Instructions' in V2. There may be some older screen shots that allude to or outright say "Site Specific Instructions" but we recognized the need to simplify that during development.

Be sure to check out Missing Codes Dispos & Instructions to find out what happened to all your historical Support data!

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