Missing Codes Dispos & Instructions

Where'd all my old Codes, Dispositions (Dispos) and Site Specific Instructions from Legacy Inteliguide go?! Well, the answer is simple. They're gone... for good. We know, it was painful to get rid of all that historical data, but it was a cruel necessity in order to create a better overall product. While the answer might be simple, the explanation (as always) is a little more complicated.

Legacy Inteliguide allowed every separate market to create or modify Support items like Codes, Dispos, and SSIs. Since 2008, every market has evolved in slightly different directions from the standard that we started with. It became clear as we analyzed the overall market data that it would be impossible to mark trends, conduct meaningful data-mining operations, or cast predictive analytics using a heterogeneous dataset. We needed a standard on which we could mark historical trends and predict future probabilities. The only way to really do that was to create a standardized system of Codes, Dispos, and Instructions that applied equally to all markets. Between Shift Defaults and customizable Shifts, Users can still have the flexibility to make use of only those Support items that make sense in the context of their locality and market.


Note: Site Specific Instructions from Legacy became simply 'Instructions' in V2. There may be some older screen shots that allude to or outright say "Site Specific Instructions" but we recognized the need to simplify that during development.

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