Missing Classifications

What happened to Classifications? If you've used Legacy Inteliguide at all, you might have noticed there were Classifications on Users, and Locations. It was an A, B, C or D rating given to each. When Users accessed the Schedule, they could only Commit to Shifts for Locations they were classified for. If a User was classified A, they could work any Location A - D. If they were rated B, they could only work Locations B - D. So on and so forth. It was a way for Managers, conceptually, to restrict less effective or less experienced Users from Committing to and working Shifts for premium or advanced Locations (Locations requiring specific or advanced experience, training, or knowledge). Our data analysis told us that since Classifications were released several years ago, it was a feature that was only used for around 1% of all Users and Locations. They were all set to A, meaning that all Locations and all Users were treated equally. We've done away with Classifications and are planning on replacing them with a more useful tool for Franchise Admins.

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