Internal vs External

There's a concept throughout Inteliguide and Patrolguide of accessibility. You can think of that accessibility, and how it applies to Profile Links, the Dash, and Documents as purely Role based. Meaning, your Authenticated Role per Franchise Context determines what you can view and the features that you are allowed to access. That accessibility is broadly divided into two main categories:

  • Internal
  • External


Internal, as it pertains to Roles, refers to ALL User Roles with the exception of Client.


External, as it pertains to Roles, refers ONLY to Clients

Note: There are further divisions of Internal accessibility as it applies to different employment Roles (Admin vs Auditor vs Cop, for instance). External, on the other hand, is very simple. There is only one Role considered External: the Client Role. The term External and Client, in regards to User Roles, are used interchangeably.

How about Messages?

The terms Internal & External, as they apply to Messages, are a little bit different, but also easily explainable.

Internal Messages are conveyed and managed through the Inteliguide Messages system.

External Messages are sent out to and managed via email. They originate in Inteliguide, but once sent to User's Signal 88 and personal email accounts, all management and tracking abilities have left the system. Messages sent externally cannot be held to the same level of accountability as Internal Messages. Once they're been sent, there is no way for Admin Users to track if they've been read, when they've been read, or who might have responded to whom. There are, obviously, mechanisms for determining accountability. But such methods belong to the myriad email clients available either on the web, or installed on computer desktops. That software exists solely apart from Inteliguide.

Note: Admin Users can create Messages and send them to External email lists, even to Clients. Indeed, the Client Reports section behaves ONLY that way. Clients do NOT currently receive their Activity Reports, that account managers or other staff may highlight and send to them, via Internal Inteliguide Messaging. Those reports are blasted out Externally to Client Users' login email addresses. We are looking at changing that to include both External & Internal messaging options in the near future. Coming soon!

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