Dedicated vs Patrol

There are two concepts that are useful to define and clarify when discussing types of Shifts.

  • Dedicated
  • Patrol

These two concepts apply directly to how Client services are sold, worked, and administered via Inteliguide & Patrolguide.



There are two clear cases for Dedicated Shifts: Locations & Groups.

  1. A Client is sold services involving one or more User(s) (Officers) on one Location for a given period of time continuously. Shifts should be created for a Location in this case
  2. One or many Clients are sold services involving many geographically close or related Locations. Shifts should be created for a Group in this case

Location Shifts

These are typically one-on-one. One Location per Shift. Good examples are bank branches, "guard shacks," NoCs, construction sites with valuable building materials, or any other job that requires continuous attendance and attention.

Group Shifts

These are typically many. Many Locations per Shift. Good examples are indoor/outdoor shopping malls, business parks, property management companies, campuses, or any other geographically related (in proximity and purpose) site that demands dedicated coverage.

The essence of Dedicated is continuous coverage of one or many close Locations.


Note: Be sure to check out the Schedule, Shifts, and the Shift Dash for a comprehensive understanding of Dedicated.


Patrols borrow from the second of the above cases.

  • Clients are sold services involving many geographically near and distant unrelated Locations. Shifts should be created for a Patrol Group in this case

Patrol Group Shifts

A Patrol Group Shift is just a special type of Group Shift. But, instead of intending continuous coverage for one or many related Locations, you can think of Patrol Shifts as time-shares that spread a User's Shift time between each other. Clients can pay for more or less of that shared coverage depending on their budget. Good examples are multiple property management companies who own many apartment complexes distributed throughout a Market or Franchise. It may be cost-prohibitive to put a Dedicated User on Location at each of their complexes throughout the market, so splitting coverage between all their Locations and others is the next best thing!


Note: Patrol Group Shifts produce special Widgets on the Shift Dash and Patrolguide Access, but appear on the Schedule just like any Group or Location Shift.


The essence of Patrol is sporadic coverage of many disparate and potentially distant Locations. That typically requires the use of a Vehicle to conduct Shift operations.


Note: Be sure to check out Patrol Work Orders, Patrol Tours & Alarm Dispatches - Responses, the Patrolguide Schedule, and the Patrolguide Patrol Process for a fully comprehensive description of Patrols.

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