Time Punches & Location Services

Since Time Punches can be made via mobile devices using our Mobile Inteliguide app, we can now take advantage of Location Services on the devices themselves. We're incredibly excited about the implications this has on how we consume and present location data within our products moving forward.


When & Where - A Location Services Sneak Peak

Users that have installed Mobile Inteliguide need to enable location services on the app. This process varies slightly from Android to iOS (Apple) devices, but once enabled via a challenge when the app is first run, they can then use the app to Clock In to and Out of Shifts (among other things). Clocking into Shifts, assuming they're within time and proximity bounds, will send where they are to the nearest few meters (accuracy depends on conditions and the device's GPS receiver) at the time of the Punch. The event will be recorded on the Shift Detail screen in the upper right, next to the Main Info panel. Time Punches are featured there, and any Time Punch originating from the mobile app will be presented as a link. That link will open to a Google map of the location the User was at when the Time Punch occurred!



GPS Accuracy & Geofencing

GPS accuracy is never a guarantee, just as mobile reception is never a guarantee, as both of those things depend on device integrity, weather conditions, satellite positions and reception, and other factors.

The app brings more accountability to when and where users are Time Punching than otherwise, but the location services may be prone to intermittent inaccuracies from time to time depending on external factors.

Check out Geofence Flexibility in Settings for a better understanding of how you can control location-based geofencing. Also check out one of our FAQ articles on what causes location inaccuracies and the 'too far' error.

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