How to Add a Location

The Accounts section of Inteliguide, (under the MANAGE tab) is where Locations are added, as well as, Businesses, Groups, and Users.


Businesses should be added first before you attempt to create Locations for them. A Business selection is required on the Location Add Form.

Note: Locations cannot be shared from one Franchise to the next as they represent a fixed geographical location within a discrete market.


  1. Select the Manage tab
  2. then, under Manage, select Accounts
  3. then, under Accounts, left-click on Locations

  4. Left-click on the '+' symbol (next to Locations) to add a new entry (brings you to Add Location Form).

  5. Next enter at least the required information for the new Location...

    • Enter the Name of the Location
    • Enter the Address of the Location
    • Enter the City and select the State where the Location is located
    • Enter the Zip Code of the Location
    • Select the Business the Location belongs to

  6. Then left-click the SAVE button

    Check out your optional Shift Defaults... and don't forget to visit Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

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    Jeff Yon

    Need help

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    Aron Filbert

    Hi, Jeff. Please submit a support request either here on the knowledge-base or through the SUPPORT tab on the right-hand side of the screen within Inteliguide.

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