How to Add a Business

The Accounts section of Inteliguide, (under the MANAGE tab) is where Businesses are added, as well as, Locations, Groups, and Users.

This also includes steps for authorizing existing businesses from other markets.


  1. Select the Manage tab
  2. then, under Manage, select Accounts
  3. then, under Accounts, left-click on Businesses

  4. Left-click on the '+' symbol (next to Businesses) to add a new entry. (brings you to Add Business Form)

  5. Next enter at least the required information for the Business...

    You will need to hover the mouse pointer over the 'Conact (optional)' line for the '+' icon to appear, and left-click on it, to open the Contact options.

    • Enter the Name of the Business
    • Optionally enter a Phone Number
    • Optionally give the Business a Note
    • Optionally fill in some Contact information

  6. Then left-click the SAVE button

Authorizing an Existing Business from Other Markets

  • While adding a new Business, as you start to type the name, there may be an automatic suggestion option displayed for "Use an existing business...". To authorize any of the suggestions, simply left-click on the existing business of your choice (or use the arrow keys and hit Enter).

Note: No part of a Business Account that is shared by multiple Franchises is Editable by any Role other than Master Admin. Please review Authorizations for more info.

...and don't forget to check out Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

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