How to Add a User

The Accounts section of Inteliguide, (under the MANAGE tab) is where Users are added, as well as, Businesses, Locations, and Groups.


If you're adding a Client User, you'll first have to add at least one Business and give it one Location. Client Users need to have Location Rights to at least one Location in order to access Client Reports


  1. Select the Manage tab
  2. then, under Manage, select Accounts
  3. then, under Accounts, left-click on Users

  4. Left-click on the '+' symbol (next to Users) to add a new entry (brings you to Add User Form).

  5. Next enter at least the required information for the new User...

    • Enter the User's Login Email Address
    • Enter the User's First and Last Name
    • Optionally input a Password and Confirmation, or don't and read about how V2 handles creating users without passwords
    • Optionally fill in one or many User Phone Numbers
    • Optionally enter a special SMS mobile number and select the Carrier for SMS Shift notices and reminders
    • Optionally choose a profile picture that will result in an extra image cropping step
    • Select a Role (this will determine other options depending on if it's and Admin, Client, or other Role)
      • Any Role but Admin and Client will be able to select Patrolguide Role as either 'Officer' or 'Manager.' Client Users can't access Patrolguide, and Admins have more access than 'Manager' Patrol Guide Roles. But other than that, every other Role except Client gets a Priority Rank, Employment Type (1099, W2-Hourly, or W2-Salary), and a Pay Rate
      • Client Roles don't have access to those Internal attributes, but, rather, can be given a collection of Locations that grant them Access to Activity Reports logged for those Locations. Clients can also be set to opt-out of any Auto-selected Recipient Emails from the Client Reports Bulk Email Action
      • Please read more about the Site Manager Role here
    • Optionally select an Expiration Date for the User Account
  6. Then left-click the SAVE button

Authorizing an Existing User from Other Markets

  • While adding a new User, after typing the Login(Email Address), there may be a message displayed stating: "Record Already Exists! - Authorize User?" To authorize the User, simply left-click on it.

  • The only options available for an existing User being Authorized for the current Franchise Context are Role, Priority Rank, Employment Type, Pay Rate, and an optional Expiration Date; unless the Role is set to Client… as described above. All other options are Protected

Note: Since password and Account security are so dependent upon reliable email transmission, please have Users add '' and '' to their safe "not spam" list for their respective login email accounts (, for example).

...and don't forget to visit Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

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