How to Add a Dedicated Work Order

The Work Orders section of Inteliguide, (under the MANAGE tab) is where Dedicated Work Orders are added.


You first need to add at least a Business and a Location before you can add a Dedicated Work Order.


  1. Select the Manage tab
  2. then, under Manage, select Work Orders
  3. then, under Work Orders, left-click on Dedicated

  4. Left-click on the '+' symbol (next to Patrol) to add a new entry (brings you to Add Dedicated Work Order Form).

  5. Next enter at least the required information for the new Dedicated Work Order...

    • Step 1: Basic Information
      • Select a Location (required)
      • Optionally enter a Note
      • Accept or modify the auto-generated Description based on your Location selection (required)
      • Optionally select any Codes/Dispos/Instructions that will apply to all generated Shifts
    • Step 2: Create Shift Schedules
      • Optionally define a Set Name (Weekdays or Weekends, for example)
      • Select the Dedicated service Days of the week (one or many)
      • Set your Shifts quantity (defaults to 1)
      • Enter the Start/End Shift Times (defaults are 0000 - 0000)
      • Optionally define a Lunch
      • Optionally check the Non-Billable Lunch, Non-Billable, and/or No-Wait checkboxes
    • Step 3: Contract
      • Bill Type
        • Monthly Flat-Rate
        • Per Shift
      • Bill Rate
      • Holiday Rate
      • Start/End Dates (Start Date required)
    • Step 4: Post Orders (optional)
      • Select from uploaded Documents list. Be mindful of permissions on documents
      • If you assign a Document that only Admins can read to a Work Order that Civilians will be working, that could cause a lot of confusion
    • Step 5: Premises Pictures (optional)
      • Upload relevant pictures for any Shifts generated for this Work Order
      • Optionally define a Title and Caption
    • Step 6: Emergency Contacts (optional)
      • If there are Active Contacts associated with the Location you selected in Step 1, then this panel will already be expanded and will feature them
      • Add Contacts by clicking CONTACT + and selecting from any of your existing Contacts
      • Add one or many, and click the 'no-smoking' icon to remove those you don't want

  6. Then left-click the SAVE button

Check out the following resources if you haven't already: Shifts, Schedule, and Agenda

...and don't forget to visit Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

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