How to Add a Group

The Accounts section of Inteliguide, (under the MANAGE tab) is where Groups are added, as well as, Businesses, Locations, and Users.


Groups are a collection of Locations, so you'll want to add Businesses and Locations before you can form meaningful Groups. One of the prime examples of a meaningful Group is one used to define a Patrol Group for use in organizing Patrol Locations.


  1. Select the Manage tab
  2. then, under Manage, select Accounts
  3. then, under Accounts, left-click on Groups

  4. Left-click on the '+' symbol (next to Groups) to add a new entry (brings you to Add Group Form).

  5. You can then select the Group Type. Selecting 'Patrol' exposes that Group to Patrol Work Orders and Patrolguide.

  6. Next enter at least the required information for the Group...

    • Enter the Name of the Group
    • Optionally enter a Description
    • Make sure you set the correct Group Type, depending on if this Group will be used with Patrolguide or not
    • Select one or many Locations

  7. Then left-click the SAVE button

    Check out your optional Shift Defaults... and don't forget to visit Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.

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