Why didn't I get my password reset email?

There are three main reasons that you won't receive a password reset email.


  1. You submitted an email address that is not your actual Inteliguide login email.
    • Please double check that the email you're trying to use to log in or reset your password is the email address associated with your active Inteliguide account.
    • If you are sure you're typing in your correct email (that you supplied for the purpose of creating your Inteliguide account), please contact your account representative or supervisor to have them verify that they entered your email address in the right format and correctly spelled. This may be what went wrong if you were informed you have a new Inteliguide Account without receiving either a welcome or password reset email from no-reply@inteliguide.net.
  2. You used a login email that is associated with an account that's been archived.
    • If you suspect this is the case, or if it's been a long time since you last logged into the system, please contact your account representative or supervisor and have them double check your Inteliguide account status.
  3. You used a login email for an active account, and our system tried to send you the password reset email, but it wasn't able to be delivered to your inbox. This can happen if the message is getting directed to your spam folder, or if an overeager spam policy is deleting or blocking the email before it ever arrives in your inbox.
    • Please contact your account representative or supervisor if you suspect this is what's happening.


For additional reading on resetting your password, go here:


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