How do I register a new account or change an existing one?

Registering a New Account

Short answer: you can't. Please contact your account representative and have them create a new account for you.

You may have questions about how to add or edit your Inteliguide account that you use for accessing or receiving (via email) your Inteliguide activity and incident reports.

  1. Register for an account:
    • Question: I never received any information about how to access my reports on your system. How do I register for an account?
  2. Add additional accounts:
    • Question: I've got my account working great, but I want others in my organization to be able to access reports as well.

Answer in either case: Please contact your account representative and have them either verify your account has been entered correctly or have them create a new one for you. We don't offer a registration form, so all new accounts need to be created by your security provider in Inteliguide.

You may have recently had security services start up at your location or locations and you were told by your security provider that you can access reports online through Inteliguide. But maybe you didn't get any additional information, and/or the 'welcome email' you expected that was supposed to introduce you to your new account never made it through to your email inbox.

Email delivery problems can happen for a variety of reasons, from your account not being set up correctly (typos in your emails), to your email domain rejecting auto-generated email from Inteliguide.

In any of these cases, please contact your account representative at your security provider's office.

Changing an Existing Account

  1. Log into Inteliguide
  2. Click on the SETTINGS button on the Home page or on the top right drop down menu, or click on your Name or Profile Pic on the home page or top right drop-down menu to get to your Profile where you can then click the EDIT button to get to the Edit Your Profile screen.
  3. Edit whatever attributes you'd like, including your Report Automation Delivery Settings, and enter your password and confirmation and hit SAVE.

If you want to change your profile pic, or something else about your account that you may not have access to through the Edit Your Profile screen, please contact your account representative at your security provider's office.


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