I keep getting an "all clear" email. How can I change my delivery and subscription settings?

Your Inteliguide account comes with subscription options to email digests. They are optionally available for critical reports needing your attention, and for all activity reports:


  • Alert Summaries: A digest email highlighting any Incident, Maintenance and Flagged Reports that were filed either in the last week or last day depending on your delivery settings.
  • Activity Reports: A digest email highlighting any non-alert or normal Activity Reports that were filed either in the last week or last day depending on your delivery settings.


You may have noticed emailed reports from our Inteliguide system delivered on Monday mornings with the subject line starting with "Alert Summaries." You may even have noticed that they often say "No alerts to report" and "all clear." This is because the default setting for new accounts subscribes you to a weekly digest email for Alert Summaries. These get sent no matter what, so if there's no new Alert Reports since last time the digest was sent out, you'll get an "all clear" message.

You can change your report delivery settings by going through the following steps:


  1. Log into your Inteliguide account.
  2. Click the SETTINGS button on your Dashboard.
  3. Scroll down the Edit Your Profile form until you find the "Report Automation: Category Alerts & Summaries" section under Personal Settings.
  4. Adjust your instant delivery options for individually filed Alert Reports (Incident, Maintenance, and Flagged Reports) by checking or unchecking those check boxes as desired.
  5. Adjust your subscription to both the Alert Summaries and Activity reports. You can optionally unsubscribe by setting them to "No, I don't need any...", or subscribe to daily or weekly deliveries.
  6. Hit SAVE, confirm your password, and you're done!


Form example:


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