2.3.4 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide 


Feature Enhancements

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Patrolguide views now respond contextually to the country, displaying miles or kilometers depending on the franchise Country setting
  • Added new Lyconic Terms of Service to the Disclaimer that must be signed by every new User Account upon signing in for the first time
  • Added a link to the login screen explaining a lack of registration options, with direction on who to contact
  • Added some clarifying text on the Password Reset Email
  • Added some role-based text and resource links to officer documentation and the mobile app on the Welcome Email for new Users
  • Introduced a new Mobile API endpoint for mobile uploads, specifically to address the longer upload times and latency occasionally encountered with wireless data connections
  • Allow Reports to load on Client Reports List and Details, even if their Shifts or Tours have been deleted
  • Alert & Alarm Summaries now go out according to the LOCAL time of each market at 7AM
  • Fixed layout bug in Chrome that caused the Overflow Tours to be almost unreadable when expanding the Tour Schedule popup on the Patrolguide Schedule in Inteliguide
  • Corrected minor typo in the Abort Confirmation dialog on the Patrolguide Schedule in Inteliguide
  • Added monitoring scripts to restart stalled workers for Alert & Activity Summaries, and other critical scheduled processes
  • Fixed a bug where if a User Authorized for multiple markets was Archived in a market that still had an Active Tours, they were then unable to log into any other market, or back into Patrolguide at all after their session expired
  • Added length validation to Addresses
  • Fixed the NEXT button activation bug on Activity Reports in Inteliguide for Private Browsing mode in some versions of Safari


Patrolguide Concurrent Alarms & Dispatches

We formalized Concurrent (simultaneous) Alarms & Dispatches at the same Location for the same Patrol Work Order. This grew out of a bug that was being used by some markets to dispatch onsite backup support to Locations where officers were experiencing incidents and needed additional coverage. Squashing the bug left anyone relying on it left struggling to find a workaround.

Since the bug was causing all kinds of problems, particularly in conjunction with the Abort feature, we realized we had to formalize it as fully-qualified feature. So we spend several weeks modifying and testing Patrolguide. We accomplished the following:

  • Consolidated and matured the Abort feature to react correctly to all the concurrent scenarios, adjusting and reverting counters required to track the full scope of patrol services possible on any given Tour Schedule
  • Fixed several other bugs related to modifying Tour Schedules from the Patrolguide Schedule in Inteliguide, and related to the Abort feature from the same screen.
  • Tightened up the Overflow calculation to determine if it should be presented at all, and if presented, how many Tours should be available. Additionally, there being a gap in time between when the option to select available Tours as overflow Tours and actually submitting a choice, we introduced validation to adjust the selected total to reflect the maximum available Tours if the selected total exceeded the maximum (if someone picked up or dispatched an Alarm between the time an officer landed on the overflow screen, and when they made a choice to use YES use a Tour or Tours as overflow Tours).
  • Introduced validation, warnings, and confirmations for the various scenarios that might result in concurrency.
  • Fixed some additional validation and display bugs on the Choose Locations List.

Now, when opting to start or Dispatch an Alarm, officers will be met with the following warnings/confirmations:


Billable Alarm Confirmation


Billable & Concurrent Alarm Confirmation


Concurrent w/ Already Existing Dispatch




Normal or Dispatched Tour Already Started

This alerts that the Tour that you saw as being available was already picked up by someone else since the time you last loaded the Choose Location List.


Client Reports Bulk Email Action Uses New Template

Email going out via the Email Bulk Action on the Client Reports List now uses the same template as the Alert & Activity Summaries released in 2.3.0. We've also added a clarifying label/link to the Attachments Report Category Indicator to cue the recipient to log in and view their attachments in app.


Note: We've received a report that this new template has caused the spam filter one one particular domain to trigger. The property managers were able to resolve the issue by finding the message in their spam/junk folder and marking it as legitimate. Please be aware that some overeager spam filters and domain policies may confuse this layout change for spam. If you aren't able to find your usual reports in your Inbox, or you receive reports from someone expecting to receive the reports but they're unable to find them, please check your (or have them check their) spam/junk folders to see if their Reports can be found there.



Welcoming Canada & Australia

Our user-base has expanded internationally! In order to meet the new demands, we've made some changes that will support international addressing schemes, phone number formats, unit changes (mileage to kilometers for non USA countries), and international time zones.

Here are the changes to the Franchise Core:

  • Franchises List Filters now include States/Provinces & Territories grouped by Country.
  • Franchise Add/Edit Form now features a Country selector with intelligent State selector (that swaps in States, or Provinces, or Territories, depending on the Country)


Filters Example


Add Franchise Example

Here are the changes to the Locations Add/Edit Form

Both the Service Address AND Business Address can independently be set to a specific Country. This allows the Service Address of a Location to belong to one Country, while being Billable in another.


Location Add Form Example


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