October 2015 Maintenance - Week of the 26th

The outages that many of you have experienced on the morning of the 27th, and scheduled again to occur the morning of the 29th were and are out of our control. They were scheduled by our hosting partner to fix a critical zero-day vulnerability in their underlying infrastructure; the foundation of all our server technologies.

We posted a banner to the top of the Inteliguide web app as soon as we got clarification on our hosting partner's maintenance windows.

We are well aware that the maintenance is performed during times of peak usage for our applications. Those times are unfortunately the most ideal for our hosting partner.

Despite that, we apologize for the short warning period beforehand, the downtime, and the resulting interruption to your businesses. The upshot is that we now have more secure underlying infrastructure, and are less prone to potential attacks.

Ultimately, the downtime we experience for the sake of security is the price of avoiding a larger breach, theft, or even permanent loss of data.

I will update this post as our hosting partner provides us with more information. They are currently being tight-lipped about the vulnerability until after they've deployed sufficient countermeasures.


UPDATE 10/30/2015: This article describes the vulnerability our hosting partner patched this week. A quote from the article describes it as one of the "worst" ever seen of its kind.

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