2.3.3 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide 


Feature Enhancements

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Remove links to reports for locations that Client Users can't access
  • Alert/Activity Summary (email digest) fixes
  • Patrol Work Order validation fixes for empty tours and minutes
  • Stop sending out All-Clear Summaries for Clients with no Active Location rights
  • Client Report Email dialog API fix
  • Bulk Edit Form for Shifts now warns with confirmation when adding a Lunch to Shifts as that can wipe out Time Punches on all affected Shifts
  • Fix bug where changes made to Location Headquarters wasn't showing the Business as having been updated
  • Fix unread mail issues for some web users and for mobile users
  • Validate missing Dedicated Work Order Locale
  • Fix DST bug in Patrol Work Order Forms
  • Shift builder for Dedicated Work Order fixes
  • Report attachment fixes
  • Validate presence of Tour/Shift as reportable object on Client Reports for screen and CSV Export
  • Properly format Tour Schedules on Patrol Work Order Detail Pages
  • Fix URL Date Formatting for Client Reports
  • Add additional validation to Billing Notes, Invoice Notes, and PO Numbers
  • Add extra login validation
  • Fix Firefox Shift Dash Widget memory leak that lead to browser crashes after long periods of time


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