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If you are having trouble selecting a Location on the Patrol Work Order Add Form, please make sure it's been added to at least one Active Patrol Group before loading the Add Form.

Locations are the hub of Account Management. It's for that reason that we made it the default destination when simply just clicking Accounts on the Sidebar Nav. Alternatively you can hover over Accounts in the Sidebar to get a flyout of all the Accounts sections:

Locations are central to Account Management because so much ties back to them. All Scheduling, Shifts, Businesses, Groups, Patrol Work Orders, Dedicated Work Orders, Tours, Location Bulletins, Activity Reports, and Contacts surround Locations. We decided we wanted a lot of the context of Account Management to stem from Locations, that's why Location Details have the most Actions of any Detail page yet.


Note: It's important to emphasize that Locations are truly unique in Inteliguide, just like Users. The difference, however, between Locations & Users, is that there is no way for one Franchise Context to Authorize a Location for use that was created for and that belongs to another Franchise. Locations cannot be shared from one Franchise to the next. The only way that one Location could be found in two Franchises in the V2 system is if the two separate Franchises created the same Location within each Context. That's not encouraged as Locations are conceptually unique to unique Markets. We don't conduct any validation as to the uniqueness of a Location in the overall Inteliguide system. Given that Groups are simply a collection of Locations, they too are unique per Franchise Context.


Before diving into this section, please check out Basic List Navigation in Tips & Tricks.


Note: Admins can access Locations by clicking on the Manage menu drop down.



Search By

  • Name

Filter By

  • Active

    • Archived
    • All Records
  • All Businesses

    • List of Active & Authorized Businesses
  • All Groups

    • List of Active Groups

Sort By

  • Name A..Z (default)
  • Name Z..A
  • Shifts 0..9
  • Shifts 9..0
  • Tours 0..9
  • Tours 9..0
  • Reports 0..9
  • Reports 9..0

Bulk Actions

Locations also has more Bulk Actions than most Lists. Even more than the Agenda.

  • Archive
  • Assign Business
  • Assign Contact
  • Assign Client
  • Assign Group

Assign Business

Will assign all selected Locations to the selected Business. This switches whatever Businesses each respective selected Location might have been assigned to and swaps it for the newly selected one.

Assign Contact

As you can see here, you can assign existing Contacts to your list of selected Locations. These Contacts may have been created for another Location and can be assigned differently for your selected List Items. As you can see in the screen shot below you can assign an existing Contact and then define the Context (Internal, Client) and priority or Call Order. See Emergency Contacts for more detail.

Assign Client

Assign an existing Client User to your selected List Item Locations. This will grant them Client Location Rights, which allow the Client to access Activity Reports (in the Client Reports section) that were written for any/all of the assigned List Item Locations.

Assign Group

Assign selected List Item Locations to an existing Group.


Note: Businesses, Clients, Contacts and Groups that may be assigned for Locations must be in Active Status to appear in the above selection controls.


Clicking on the List Item link will take you to the Location Details.




For updated information on new Billing details, please refer to 2.3.1 Release Notes Locations Changes

Main Info

The headline is the full Name of the Location. Sub header in bold is the Business, followed by the address of the Location.

Next comes an expandable collection of Clients that are assigned to the Location, that means they have Location Rights and can access reports written for it.

Then comes a list of all Contacts that have been created for the Location. There can be one to many. If many Contacts, then one may be designated as the Main Contact. The first one created for a Location is assumed to be the Main contact. A separate portion that contains the Groups Shift Defaults follows:

Shift Defaults

  • Note
  • Lunch (None, or 15min - 30min - 1hr or 2hrs)
  • Pay Rate
  • Billable Rate
  • Note
  • Codes, Dispos, Instructions collections

Related Totals

  • Shifts
    • Completed
    • Scheduled
    • Cancelled
    • Available
  • Tours (Dedicated will typically be 0, but may have a history of Tours if it were a Patrol Group at a time in the past)
  • Reports (Activity Reports)
  • Groups (How many Groups the Location belongs to)


  • Group + (Goes to the Groups Form with the Location preselected)
  • Edit Groups
  • Client + (Goes to Users Form with the Client Role preselected)
  • Edit Clients
  • Shift + (create a Shift for this Location, will take you to the Add Shifts Form w/ the Location preselected)
  • Contact +

Edit Groups

You'll notice that you can select one or many Groups to add the Location to. The list of Groups available in the selection control are all the Active Groups in the system.

Edit Clients

You might notice, as in Edit Groups (directly above), that you can add one or many existing Client Users to the selection control. This will grant that collection of Clients Location Rights, which allow the Clients access to Activity Reports (in the Client Reports section) that were written for that Location.

Contact + :: Add Contact Form

This is a separate Form, and not just an optional addendum to the Location Form (see below). Since Contacts are managed separately from the Location, we thought it was important to separate the Forms.

The NAME field is required. As per legacy Emergency Contacts, this Form allows you to set the type of Contact and its priority or Call Order.


Note: You can edit a Contact and set it as the Main Contact for its given Location here. To do so, simply click on the wrench icon while hovering over the Contact. Clicking the plus icon expands the Contact's details. Clicking the delete icon permanently deletes the Contact after a warning and confirmation. Deleting a Contact for one Location will affect all other Locations that the Contact might have been assigned to.





For updated information on new Billing details, please refer to 2.3.1 Release Notes Locations Changes

Required Fields

  • Name
  • Country
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Business (absolutely required as a Location cannot exist in the system independent of a Business/Franchise)

As you can see here, you can optionally set Phone(s) - Contact Methods here.

Check out Shift Defaults, which appear in the optional expansion below the main Form elements.

Full Form


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