Time Punches

In order to create the most accurate Payroll reports, we track actual Time Punches on each Shift. Depending on that Shift's settings, we track either one duration for Clock In & Clock Out, or, in the case when a lunch is permitted, we track the duration from Clock In to Lunch Out, from Lunch Out to Lunch In, and from Lunch In to Clock Out (3 total durations). Payroll Report Settings then determine how those durations interact to produce a given Payroll. Results vary depending on whether lunches are considered paid or not.

That's where the Time Punch system comes in. We wanted Scheduled Shift times to remain intact even if real-life events proved to be different, as is often the case.

Requiring Shift Time Punches on the Payroll reports builds in administrative overhead as a cost of better accuracy and more honest reporting. Putting a method of making those Punches into the hands of Users with smartphones was a great way to introduce accountability through location services, while solving that problem of greater administrative overhead.

The Shift Dash and the Inteliguide Mobile app is where Users working Shifts will make Punches. Depending on proximity of time and distance (in Mobile), Users will be able to Clock In, Lunch Out, Lunch In, and Clock Out. All those things depend on various attributes, like whether a Shift allows for a lunch, or if the User is within a certain radius and time range from their scheduled Shift Location.

In the event that even the Mobile solution is inaccessible for whatever reason, we gather location information through the modern browser (this can sometimes be inaccurate as many desktops and laptops don't have GPS built in), but Admins and Schedulers and Site Managers also have the ability to retroactively edit the Time Punches themselves on the Shift Details.


Note: Please refer to Payroll Settings - Time Punch Flexibility for information on how to restrict User initiated Early/Late Clock In/Out Time Punches.

Note: Please also refer to Payroll Settings - Geofence Flexibility for information on how to restrict User initiated Time Punches if too far from any of their Service Locations.

Shift Dash

Admin Edit Time Punches

Mobile Time Punch


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