2.3.5 Release Notes

Inteliguide & Patrolguide 


Feature Enhancements

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Officers can now message other officers using Inteliguide Messages
  • Tooltip added to Messages Destination on Compose Message Form
  • Updated delete message on Agenda to warn about deleting Shifts for Dedicated Work Orders
  • Added Opt-out tooltip on the User Form to explain how that impacts Bulk Emailing
  • Internal Users (every Role but Client) will now be notified if their User Accounts are Archived or Unarchived
  • Added MESSAGE + Action to the User Detail Page
  • Messages "Views" list now ordered alphabetically
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Views" counter on Message History List Items to fail to increment
  • Lunch & Shift durations added to Shift Detail screen
  • Removed 30-day Client Report List load limit as a result of better performance due to our database server upgrades
  • Added validation to prevent email formats that affect deliverability from entering the system
  • Fixed phone-related bugs caused by internationalization
  • Added additional scoping to SMS Messaging to enhance deliverability
  • Fixed a bug on Groups that prevented the removal of rates on Shift Defaults
  • Fixed a bug with report mailers that affected Bulk Emailing from the Client Reports List
  • Revised Payroll Settings to display Employee Types regardless of selected Provider
  • Flat Rate and prorated totals now produce all periods within month
  • Fixed paging results bug in New Billing
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Pay Rate from transferring from Quick Add to Full Shifts Form
  • Fixed bug that could cause duplication of Time Punches if attempted across multiple browser tabs or windows

Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Upgraded and expanded primary database to enhance service-wide response and processing time
  • Consolidated and reorganized process workers to more efficiently handle the load produced by steady usage growth
  • Added better monitoring and scripted responses to our worker pools to increase our awareness of problems and eliminate potential downtime or delays
  • Streamlined our automated backup system

Patrol Work Order Enhancements

As we build out New Billing capability, we've added some additional features to the Patrol Work Order Form and reorganized the form to improve clarity and usability.

We have yet to integrate these same changes into Dedicated Work Orders, and we have yet to consume these features into New Billing for Patrol Work Orders as a Billing Source. We will first be adding the data collected into these new form fields into our New Billing reports results. From there, we'll add them to Dedicated Work Orders as we look at finishing that report development.

  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Discounts
  • Courtesy Alarms

We've added subheaders under Step 3: Contract to clarify the mess of available fields.

Furthermore, your selected Billing Method now impacts the visible form fields. This is to clarify which fields apply to each Method.

I've attached an example image below that explains the new form behavior, I used this in our development notes. The new attributes will also appear on the Patrol Work Order Detail pages:



Subscription Settings Enhancements

One of our most requested features, since releasing the subscriptions for Clients to use to "self-serve" by logging in to adjust their report subscription settings, is the ability for Admins to make those adjustments for their new and existing Client Users. We've added that capability with this release.

Add and Edit User Form

User Detail Page


Editing a Client User's Subscription Settings as an Admin, after creating a new Client User, will result in a system email being sent to that Client User informing them of a subscription change. This is to better inform Clients and improve communication.

Email Example

On the administrative end, if a Client User unsubscribes from automated client report delivery, the User Edit Form will reflect this by replacing those form values with a notice of unsubscription. This is to prevent Admins and Client Users from stepping on one another's toes.

User Detail Page


User Edit From

Unsubscribe & Disable All Clear Settings for Client User Profile Form:

Clients can now unsubscribe from automated report email using two methods:

  • Unsubscribe link on automated report email footer (see below for screenshot)
  • Logging in and clicking/tapping SETTINGS button (or navigating to Profile page and clicking/tapping EDIT button)

The benefit of the Unsubscribe link is that it doesn't require the user to log into Inteliguide. There are many Client Users that just don't want to be bothered and that have never logged in, or have logged in so long ago that they've forgotten their passwords. The Unsubscribe feature let's them skirt that bit of frustration, in favor of another (unfortunately).

Namely, the Unsubscribe feature will come with a bit of hoops to jump through so as to avoid third-party surreptitious unsubscriptions. Since reports may be forwarded to and from different third-parties after clients receive them, we want to make sure that the person unsubscribing is actually the person with access to the inbox to which the reports were originally delivered.

That's why we've introduced the following process...

Clicking/tapping the Unsubscribe link:

Will lead to a confirmation page:

Clicking/tapping UNSUBSCRIBE will lead to an email being sent to the Client's inbox and will redirect them to a confirmation and instructions:

From there click/tap the link in the email delivered to the same inbox as the reports:

Finally, after clicking the link, a final confirmation:

Alternatively, logging in is as simple as clicking/tapping the SETTINGS button on the Dashboard, then checking the 'Disable all client report subscriptions' checkbox:


We've also responded to feedback and have now added a personal account setting that Client Users can check to disable the All Clear email for Alert Summary digest emails. It's an email that will be sent out if no Incident, Maintenance, or Flagged Reports have been logged since the last time the Alert Summaries were sent out (daily or weekly, depending on subscription settings).

If checked like so:

Then All Clear email like these:

Will not be sent out on a defined daily/weekly basis in the absence of any actual reports.

What will still be sent out, however, are any Incident, Maintenance, and Flagged Reports on the subscribed timelines. Checking the above checkbox will not interrupt that.

Disable Market-wide Client Report Subscriptions:

Admins can now go into MANAGE -> Settings -> Client to get to Client Settings, and elect to 'Disable all client report subscriptions.'

Client Settings Form

Some of you might ask why anyone would ever want to do that. This setting is helpful when markets use account managers to curate and hand-prepare reports for their clients to enhance their customer service and add a personal touch. This setting allows for both an automated, as well as a manual approach.

Client Profile Form Example if Subscriptions Disabled Market-wide


Messaging Enhancements

I've started a so-called communications blitz to improve the messaging capabilities of Inteliguide. This is in response to great feedback over the last few months. One of the feedback items was that it's difficult to really get SMS recipients quickly organized for delivery. I asked if they were using the Call Directory, and they were. That's when I realized that there was a gap in how we're allowing for queuing and Messaging Call Directory recipients.

We had a 'Message' Bulk Action, but that didn't really correspond with SMS Users. For example, going to the Call Directory, filtering and selecting just SMS Message Users didn't translate to that list of recipients to SMS deliveries. If Message Bulk Action was used, and the Destination was switched to SMS, the SMS delivery selector just game up empty. So, we fixed that by introducing an SMS Bulk Action!

You can now go to your Call Directory (drop down the SCHEDULE subnavigation by clicking/tapping on the down arrow, then click on Call Directory), drop down the filters panel by clicking on the small gray '+' icon and filtering by 'Yes SMS:'

Apply the filter to produce those results, expand the Queue by clicking the icon of the filing cabinet (if necessary), and select the SMS Message Bulk Action:

Write your SMS Message and send away:


Message Histories now track External & SMS Deliveries and Recipients:

Again, in response to feedback, we've added some helpful tools to log messaging history. We've always logged messages either sent Internally or Both (Internal & External), while tracking Recipients and Read Receipts for Views and Attachment Views.

We've not added that capability to External and SMS messaging as well, with a destination flag clearly showing how the message was sent:


Detail Example

In addition, we've added a nice tooltip to the Compose Message Form that explains what each selection does:

Internal: Uses the Inteliguide messaging system. Recipients and internal views are logged.

External: Sends mail to the login emails registered for each recipient. Recipients are logged, but not views.

Both: Sends to both Internal & External.

SMS: Sends to the SMS number associated with the user's account. Recipients are logged, but not views.




Payroll Enhancements

We've added APD as a provider in Payroll Settings (GENERAL -> Settings -> Payroll).

Scroll down to the Payroll Export: Payroll Provider section, and select ADP to view your new settings options. These settings affect the Payroll Export CSV format and layout to correspond with ADP's import requirements.

Selecting 'ADP' provides a new section for Company Codes for Hourly/Salary and 1099 Employee Types, and revises the Pay Codes section for ADP's output:

The ADP provider in Inteliguide will generate a separate CSV file export per Employee Type (Hourly, Salary, or 1099). These file divisions are required so values are not overridden during ADP's import process.

Payrolls now calculate California Standard/10hr Overtime and Double Time:

We've added additional overtime selections in Payroll Settings (GENERAL -> Settings -> Payroll).

Under the Interval section, you can now find the following Overtime selections:

  • CA Standard
  • CA 10 Hour

Selecting them will set Inteliguide's Payroll overtime calculation to correspond to California State standards, which you can review here:


CA 10 Hour is a permutation of the Standard OT rules in California. Businesses can apply for it that qualify, and it can save them overtime expenditures by advancing the requirement to pay overtime until after 10 hours instead of the standard 8 hours.


Documents Enhancements

We've received a lot of feedback requesting that we expose the Documents system in Inteliguide to Client Users. So we went ahead and did just that.

While we were at it, we also improved Documents accessibility. We achieved this by turning the "Viewable" selection into a multiselect control. Now you can select one or many roles that can view the Document you're uploading. This allows for all possible variability, including exposing documents to Client Users.

Here's how it works:

  • Selecting the Client "Viewable by" Role and leaving the Client Locations selection (that appears) empty will allow all Active Client Users to access and download that Document.
  • You might say "Well that's great, but what if I have documents that I only want Clients from certain Locations to access?" We've got you covered there, too. Simply narrow the eligible Client Users to those Clients that have Location Rights for specific Locations. Do this by selecting one or more Locations in the Client Locations selection control.



Read-receipts (which you can access by clicking the 'eye' icon on the Document List Item will work for Internal as well as External (Client) Users, so you can check and see if the documents you're providing to your Users are being downloaded and (hopefully) read.



Location Services Enhancements

As announced in our last release notes, our mobile Inteliguide app will track the location of Reports and Attachments if the device is allowed by the User to share its location with us.

We consume that location information on the Client Report detail page, as mentioned here.

Since we rolled that out, we wanted to also take advantage of location services in the modern web browser. While results may vary depending on the accuracy of the location available to the browser on different systems (desktop systems very rarely - if ever - have GPS built in, so location services relies on either WiFi or IP-based locations - both of which can be unreliable, and IP is typically very unreliable), we wanted to allow folks using Chromebooks and other new devices, like the latest Surface from Microsoft, or GPS-equipped MiFi devices like Delphi Connect 4G LTE, to take advantage of those same location services benefits.

That's now possible through our web app and desktop/laptop browser.

Simply elect to share your location, and we'll use it if we can get an accuracy rating back that is accurate enough to consume and display.

Chrome Patrolguide Example

Chrome Inteliguide Example

Please note that the interface for discovering and allowing access to location services varies from browser to browser. Above are examples using Chrome. Firefox and Edge (Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explore) will have different approaches for granting access, and maintaining location settings. Please google for specific instructions in those cases.


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