Bulk Schedule Users (with Pay Rates)

Shifts Without Users

Inteliguide allows you to Schedule your Shifts in Pending or Available Status, and those Statuses don't have any User assigned to them.

Available Shifts can be viewed on the Schedule and in the Mobile App and Committed to by any User belonging to the designated Shift Team or Manager. For clarification:

  • CBS - applies to Civilian Role Users
  • LEB - applies to Cop Users
  • ANY - applies to both Civilian & Cop Users


The Team can be set when creating Shifts using the Add Shifts Form, or can be defined using Shift Defaults.

Pending status, on the other hand, can be viewed by Management type User Roles. The Status exists so that Admins, Schedulers, and Site Managers can build out the Schedule for their respective Service Locations and Patrols.

Non-management Users cannot view Pending Shifts until they're put into Available Status.

In some cases Available Shifts might go unfilled, meaning Users didn't go to their respective Schedules and Commit to all the Shifts available for a given upcoming week. In these cases, Users will need to be Scheduled for (or "plugged into") the Shift. Pending Shifts, on the other hand, either must be converted to Available, or must have a User plugged in to become active and available to Users on their Schedules.

Use Agenda Bulk Edit Form to Simplify the Scheduling Process

Let's say you've got a whole week of Shifts that need to be Scheduled. Here's what that might look like:

The 12th - 16th have 15 total Shifts that need to be Scheduled. You could optionally click on every single one of the 15 Shifts and then click Edit, and then set the Shift Status to Scheduled, and then select the User, and then finally hit the SAVE button. But, there's an easier way to do this. Just use the Agenda!

  1. Go to the Agenda View of your Schedule:

  2. Filter by the Shifts you want to select (let's focus on Crescent Moon in Available Status):

    Filtering by Crescent Moon for the Location, and Available for the Status gives me 5 Shifts in the result. Clicking the SELECT ALL link above the List quickly selects all the relevant Shifts. If you want all but, say, Monday (the 12th) selected, then hit SELECT ALL and click on Monday's Crescent Moon Shift to deselect it. Here's what your List looks like after doing so, you'll have 4 total Shifts in your Selection Queue:

  3. Expand your Selection Queue Options by clicking on the icon of the filing cabinet that appears to the left of the List after you make a selection (as seen above), and click on the Bulk Actions selector to find and click on the Edit option:

  4. Clicking on the Edit option will cause the Bulk Edit Form to appear. Here, you can unlock the Status/User options, select Scheduled for the Status, select a User, and then import their Pay Rate all in one operation. Once the User is selected and you've unlocked the Pay Rate field, you can click the User Pay Rate button to import that selected User's Pay Rate from their User Account. This comes in handy so you don't have to keep bouncing to and from User Accounts to remember their given Pay Rates.

  5. Once you've got the Status changed to Schedule, the User Selected, and the Pay Rate imported, you're ready to hit the SAVE button and apply those attributes to your selected Shifts.


That's all there is to it! Repeat this process for the other Pending/Available Shifts that need filled on your Schedule, and you'd want to spot Schedule your Shift for Monday that you deselected (to follow the above example) using either the Bulk Edit Form or the Shift Edit Form... it's up to you! The Bulk Edit Form works with selections of 1 to 1000 Shifts.

The great thing about this method is that it reduces the time required to get Pay Rates when converting Pending and Available Shifts to Scheduled Status. This comes in handy when Scheduling, and sets you up well for a really solid Payroll Audit & Export.


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